as I jump back on the scene

I’m just going to jump right back in. Yes, I took a 9-month hiatus, but I really don’t have any explanation for it other than telling you I had a severe case of writer’s block. I’m back now!

It’s Monday morning and the sun is shining through the trees in my backyard. I don’t think I can properly express to you how much relief I feel when I see that the trees have leaves. Green leaves. This past winter forced me to hide inside myself and now that green just keeps inviting me outward. It’s quite refreshing.

A couple of days ago, I took some time to adjust some of my post categories and just do general maintenance on my blog. I was surprised by how badly I wanted to delete a bunch of my earlier more embarrassing posts. You know, the ones where I acted like I knew what I was doing. But I was struck by the thought that this blog is sort of like a journal. It’s a bad idea to rip out the pages of the dumb, embarrassing, shallow entries because really, whether we like it or not, those entries are a part of our past and they are a tiny little piece of the greater mosaic our lives have become now. You can’t just remove little bits here and there. So, all the posts remain (except for the ones where I talked about giveaways because those are just annoying).

I’ve been in one of those reflective moods lately. I mean, I usually am, but being pregnant (yes! I’m pregnant – 20 weeks and 4 days along) always makes me think. I love that peaceful stretch of time after the first trimester (and beyond) sickness leaves, but before the third trimester aches and pains come to visit. I love to feel my baby move and to think about when I felt my other two babies move in utero – look at their lovely little lives now! And my life! Look at how each child changes my life. They’ve opened my heart, softened me, and they embody such sweetness. How is it that we grow so hardened as we age? I want to be soft again. Life could be simpler that way, I think.

I’m starting this week by challenging myself to consider every task, every event, every conversation as assignments from God. What would happen if I chose to see things this way? I might stop rushing through the day. I might value every moment instead of classifying parts of my day as either “important” or “unimportant,” don’t you think? This moment with my cup of tea and the sunshine streaming through the windows with the sound of my boys playing happily together in the living room is just as meaningful as when I’m doing dishes, or hanging out with Ryan, or reading books to the boys – because it was assigned to me as part of my day.

I just want to slow down.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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5 responses to “as I jump back on the scene

  1. Grammie

    Love hearing from my beautiful, HAPPY granddaughter. I shall count the days till I get to give you a hug and spend some time talking about cooking and sharing life with you again. Thanks for all the tips today and will get back to writing this week.
    Love ya bunches, Grammie

  2. So glad to see you back….I was shocked when I saw your name in my google reader. 🙂

  3. I was so happy to see your post pop up in my sidebar!

    There are some really embarrassing posts in my archives. I’ve only deleted two that I can remember–one about a product I no longer want to support, and one extremely militant post about how it’s bad to share breast pumps. The rest of my silliness is there for all to see and for me to look back and remember. I try to look on the bright side though. It’s a sign of self-improvement!

    Oh and congratulations on your pregnancy!

  4. A thousand congratulations! Did you know I’m pregnant, too? I’ll be 17 weeks tomorrow; we’re close!

    Also, welcome back. I’m excited to hear you’re blogging again. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

  5. Lady

    Yay!!! So glad to see read your blog posts again! I so nearly deleted your blog from my favs. I’m gald I didn’t. I really enjoy your thoughtful posts.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

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