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Six Dreaded Months




Even as I write this, I’m giggling to myself. How weird would it be if someone who’d dyed their hair red, for example, were to write updates on the state of their hair? “It’s been 6 months since I dyed my hair [red/blonde/brown/black/whatever]. I feel like such a different person!” Hehe. It seems kind of trivial if you look at it like that — but with dreadlocks, it’s just…different.

Anyway, I haven’t gone into a lot of detail about my dreads, so I figure that their half-birthday is as good of a reason as any to enlighten any of my curious readers.

I think anyone with dreadlocks would admit that there are stages in which either you hate the way they look and want to rip them off your head, or you’re so in love with them that you get a little misty-eyed at the thought of ever chopping them off. In general, although I’ve experienced both stages, I have found that I usually land somewhere on the love side of things. I love them and they feel like they’re part of me, but I also sometimes forget that they’re even on my head. And that’s not to be taken as a careless remark – I think, actually, that it speaks a lot about how me they really are. They just belong there – so much so that I forget to consider that they ever weren’t there. Are you following me? Hehe.

My wash routine has stayed pretty consistent. I started with really, really short hair, so I washed my dreads once a week until they were about a month old. Then, once they were more locked up, I began to wash them twice a week, and I’ve continued to do so ever since. I wash with a rosemary shampoo bar that I buy from my local food co-op. I wrap my head in a towel afterwards and then I allow my hair to air-dry. Easy-peasy!

Surprisingly, I’ve gotten very few (positive or negative) comments while out in public. I’ve had one incident where I could tell a couple of goofy highschool girls were giggling at me, but other than that, I haven’t gotten any weird looks or anything. In our city, dreadlocks are fairly common, which probably has a lot to do with the lack of attention. I can’t say I mind!

If I could do it all over again…I’d do it again. I would! I was about to say that my dreads have taught me a lot – but let me be honest here – God has taught me a lot. By choosing to wear my hair like this, I gave up (the lie that I even had) a lot of control. My hair does its own thing. I have to roll with it. People may have their own (sometimes opposing) opinions. I have to roll with it. Sometimes I don’t look very put-together. And I’m reminded that on the inside, I’m not really very put-together either, and I’m glad that I can’t just resort to appearing like I am. God is in control. I am not. If anything, in my dread journey, I’ve come face-to-face with that single truth more than anything else.

Giving up my hair – choosing to wear it this way – is a reminder for me. It reflects what’s in my heart. I’m slightly messy and out of control, but creative and eccentric and I was chosen and I’m supposed to be here.

And now, any dreadlock-related questions out there? Ask away – I’ll respond in the comments section!

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5 months of



(but mostly love)



letting go




surprisingly little criticism


and more letting go.

Oh, and learning that I want to make every day the best day of my life. It’s amazing how much one can learn from one’s hair.

Yes. 5 months. (And counting.)

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I have a deep love for the outdoors and the warmth of the sun and

the sound of the



I love it.

But I don’t get out enough. We tried to find a rental home in the country, and I thought that living there would help me remember to constantly bask in the all-encompassing beauty. Especially because we actually have seasons in this state. I can’t afford to waste any time

for the chill always returns!

But God had other plans for our living space, and here we are,

in the city.

It’s still beautiful but it takes more effort to get outside and find an enjoyable little spot of nature to lounge in.

But it can be done.

I did it today.

Bright and green and barefoot and lounging little slices,

sweet slices

of summer.

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My blogging crisis has lasted much longer than I anticipated. The best way to explain it? As time has passed, I’ve begun to realize how little I know. The more I’ve come to accept this, the less I’ve wanted to say. I understand, now, that I do indeed have a lot of worthwhile things to say. But, instead of presenting my way as the only way*, I feel free to observe from my point of view without feeling the need to convince others to choose my viewpoint also.

*In regards to Christianity, I’ve come to realize that the surest way of displaying the heart of Jesus is through my actions – attempting to convert someone is pointless when my life does not emulate the One I choose to follow. So I act out my faith, and use words when necessary.

I still want to talk. About food. About my heart. About my family and the things we learn together. I’m just trying to get my head around the “how” and the “what” part of the things I share here in my space.

Anyway, I wanted to give a little update, considering how much time has passed since I last wrote.

My dreads are maturing quite nicely – they’re about 2.5 months old now and most of the time, I absolutely love them. We have our off days, but they really don’t deter me. I love my locks. I just do.

Here are some photos of how they look right now:

And, as you can probably see from the above photos, we went on vacation! My mom turns 50 this June, and her wish was to have her kids, kids-in-law and grandkids all in one place – in one of her favorite locations! So, we all reunited in Hawaii, on Oahu, for a week. It was lovely. We got back a couple of days ago, and we’re still battling jetlag with all the strength we have. So far, jetlag is winning. Big time.

Here’s my favorite photo from our trip:

As for the boys, they are doing really well. Forrest has begun to coast around furniture, and he currently has 6 teeth (going on 7). Jack is learning so much, but his favorite things to talk about are letters and numbers. Seriously.

Here are some great shots of them:

(That’s my brother, Sam.)

By the way, all these photos (except for the one of me kissing Forrest, which was taken by my mom with my iPhone, and the one he’s in) were taken by my sweet brother with his awesome new camera. I have serious camera envy.

Also of fairly high importance: we moved into our new apartment right before we left for Hawaii! We really, really love it. I don’t want to share too many details about the location, but you can be sure I’ll be posting photos of the inside. We’ve got some fun vintage furniture and I can’t help but share its glory!

Anyway, now Forrest is nursing, which is making it a bit complicated to type, so I’ll wrap it on up! 🙂


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10-month love

Forrest is light. He is sweetness and strength and since the day he was born, he’s seemed old. You know?

He is a funny boy and he knows exactly how to make us laugh. His go-to joke is to scrunch his face up when we talk to him. Without fail, we exclaim that it must be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

He still breastfeeds every 2 to 3 hours during the day and 2 to 3 times at night. It’s wonderful. He is a quick and efficient nurser, although he does get fussy at night because he’s not very patient when he’s half-asleep. 🙂 I can tell that he likes his space while he sleeps, which is a lot like his older brother. I plan to cosleep with him until he’s at least a year old, and then I’ll give him the opportunity to sleep on his own mattress. In our family, we like arrange ourselves so that everyone gets the best sleep possible – so we’ll see if Forrest prefers his own bed in a few months.

I have given Forrest tastes of food here and there, but he still doesn’t eat anything on a regular basis. For about a week, he was eating lightly cooked egg yolks sprinkled with unrefined sea salt. At the end of that week, though, he yelled at me when I offered him his yolk, and he hasn’t eaten anything since. I’m okay with that!

Speaking of yelling, that’s one of the things he does best. And he doesn’t really holler, per se – it’s more like screeching. And it hurts my ears.

He still doesn’t crawl. He does, however, roll to everything he wants. He’s a fairly agile roller, but he’s been rocking on his hands and knees lately, so I imagine crawling is on the horizon. He’s also not very interested in sitting up for long periods of time. I don’t blame him – rolling is way more exciting.

When we go out, I almost always tuck him into the ring sling or the Ergo. He relaxes into me and watches his surroundings quietly. I can easily spend the entire day away from home because Forrest will contentedly nap while I wear him. This makes life so simple. What would I do without babywearing? (I’ll tell you: I’d be really sore, and cranky, too.)

He says “Mama,” “Daddddd,” and “Nuh!” or “Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh!!!!” which usually seems to indicate hunger. 🙂 I’ve been signing “milk” to him each time before I nurse him, but he just smiles and turns into me. I think he knows what it means!

He’s still exclusively cloth-diapered. Our diapers of choice are our Smartipants – and let me tell you, his brightly-colored cloth-diapered bum is quite a sight for sore eyes. I’m not sure how it is that diapering can be so happy, but it is.

Lastly: his brother. He loves his brother. If he’s close enough, he lunges at Jack. He grabs him and puts his mouth all over him and squeals with delight. Jack isn’t always comfortable with Forrest’s rough play, but they do love to laugh together and I cannot express the joy that courses through me when I hear them laughing in unison. Pure bliss, I tell you.

These 10 months have flown by, and I know the following months will fly even faster.

And I’m going to love every moment.

I love every moment of you, Forrest.


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three quarters

nine months.

three quarters of a year.

only three months until he’s been alive for a whole year.

276 days old.

how how how how how how how?


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in the now

Us, unedited.

I have some laundry to put away but I’ve spent most of this morning just enjoying. Before the boys awoke, I enjoyed a few sips of coffee with Ryan. Then we made breakfast (and enjoyed some bacon) and drank more coffee. Ryan left for work and the boys and I have been spending lots of time sitting, playing, and singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. My coffee got cold, but I’m thinking about pressing some more. You may have noticed that I enjoy coffee.

See? I’m enjoying. Just enjoying.

We got quite a bit of snow yesterday, but today, there is sun. Beautiful, bright-shining sun. To celebrate, I’m wearing a pink bandana around my head.

Today, I’m not planning on doing anything but enjoying. And celebrating. And singing. And reading and drinking coffee and soaking up the light.


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