blathering and a quick update

It’s mid-afternoon here and I’m just finishing up my last sips of chai masala tea. Yum. I like tea. Ryan took Jack with him to the studio and Forrest is napping peacefully (for the moment), so it’s quiet (except for the incessant traffic outside my window [yes, I seem to have lost perspective since moving from Southern California]). I was just sitting here on my bed, knitting and trying really hard to ignore the fact that it’s 67 degrees today (at the end of June) when I remembered that I have something to tell you. That made me much happier. Well, the knitting made me feel happy, too, because it’s a blanket for my wee one. Oh, and also, my thoughts were traced with bits of episodes of Dr. Who, and that also makes me (strangely) happy. (I feel really odd admitting that “out loud” here because I’m so ridiculously not a TV person and I don’t even have a TV. We’ll just move on now. But I seriously love Dr. Who.)

But anyway.

First of all, it’s really cool to read the comments from those of you who’ve been visiting my little space here ever since I began writing again this week. Thanks for holding out for me! It means a lot. Kisses to you.

Also, I wanted to give you all a bit of a site update. For the time being, I’ll be reverting back to the URL as opposed to This change will officially occur as of June 26th, so if you keep up with me via reader or anything else in which you may have entered my site as, be sure to change it so you still receive updates! I wouldn’t want you to miss any of my riveting posts. Wink.

Love love love!



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2 responses to “blathering and a quick update

  1. Karen Dolyniuk

    So glad to see/hear you’re back!! I’ve been checking in, every couple of months for “activity” and lol” and behold when I checked to today you were up and running! You always leave me with a smile on my face after reading your thoughts, and so I look forward to future posts!
    God Bless,

  2. Stephanie

    Hey, Rissa. It’s been fun to see you back! 🙂 I’m probably the only dummy, but when I put the wordpress address up, I just end up at the same place. Or maybe you haven’t posted anything new and that is what is supposed to happen? Anyway.

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