Littlespeak, Part 2

It was early in the morning and I was taking a quick shower before beginning our busy day. Jack peeked around the shower curtain and asked, quite sincerely, “Mama, what are you taking?”

“A shower,” I said.

He smiled. “Oh.”

Oh, the things he says.



Filed under laughter is good, on being a mama

2 responses to “Littlespeak, Part 2

  1. Jack's Bella




  2. I love that picture 🙂

    And Rissa! Why did I think you were done with blogging? I took you out of my reader because I thought you were done… thank goodness you commented today! 🙂 Missed you!
    (and will check out that book, I need something like that right about now… the ebb and flow of creativity and spirituality often go hand in hand…)

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