Do you ever just wish you could drink coffee all day long? Not because you need the caffeine (but maybe you do), but just because it’s so comforting and earthy and delicious. And it makes you think of morning, because morning always has such a fresh sense of new and clean and good –

but if you drank coffee all day long, then it probably wouldn’t remind you of the morning


And do you sometimes wish that it was easier to be happy? Not because you’re unhappy, but because you know that it takes so much effort to keep all of your blessings in mind and choose thankfulness when you’d really rather just pout or

whine or eat cake. Sometimes.

And do you


wish that you could stop time?

Just freeze everything and stroke your baby’s cheek while he nurses and admire your toddler’s smile and his sun-kissed hair and the way his wide eyes look when he’s looking through a book that he loves. Take that one second and turn it into 10, 60, a million seconds. And just try not to let those moments pass unnoticed.

Do you?



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4 responses to “Wish

  1. Grammie

    I wish you’d write a book, I love the way you see life and bring it into mine and then the thoughts you leave me with and the joy I walk away with that gives me a smile cause your my granddaughter!

  2. Stephanie


  3. Beautiful! And so true.

  4. lauren Boucher Morgan

    yes, yes, yes and yes

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