The hollandaise was not a mistake.

I’m awake and it’s 2:33am.

I made some bad food choices today. Which is why I’m awake.

It’s funny because I’ve recently been thinking, geez, I’ve gone *months and months* without any kind of gallbladder trouble.

It makes me proud when I realize this, because I know it’s directly related to my commitment to eating real food. So yeah. I guess that’s my first problem.

(Pride? And also, eating well most of the time means that sometimes, you give yourself the freedom to eat totally horrible food, which is really backwards, and I shouldn’t do that anymore.)

So this morning, Ryan and I decided that we wanted to make eggs benedict because I have been making these awesome sourdough English muffins and they were just begging to be topped with poached eggs. So, for the very first time in my life, I poached 4 eggs (and they all came out so well!) and I made Julia Child’s hollandaise sauce. Then we sauteed some spinach and shallots and put together an incredible eggs benedict. Oh, and Ryan sauteed cherry tomatoes in butter and balsamic vinegar, and they were amazing. I kept thinking, why do I ever go to restaurants? I love the food we make.

Okay, so that meal wasn’t a mistake. At all. I know the hollandaise sauce was made with a whole stick of butter, but I believe in butter. Anyway.

Then we went berry picking, which was SO INCREDIBLY FUN and afterwards, we were really tired and hungry so we got yummy food from the outdoor grill: italian sausage dogs topped with onions and peppers (not a mistake) along with fries (MISTAKE).

And then we went and visited with my in-laws, since we were on their side of the city, and that was cool. And then we came home, and I rolled out some sourdough pizza dough and made a yummy cheese pizza with homemade marinara, topped with fresh basil. And that wasn’t really a mistake, but in combination with hollandaise sauce and fries? Kind of a mistake. But it was a mistake that shouldn’t have been a mistake.

I just don’t want to call such a beautiful and delicious pizza a mistake.

Anyway, we ate that pizza with friends and those friends brought ice cream because ice cream is good. And it was called A Piece of Cake Ice Cream and that was really good. But it was ice cream. Which was not good, except that it was good.

Anyway, here we are, 5 hours and some pain-killers later. I feel better now and I’m actually considering jumping back into bed with Forrest and Ryan. Oh, and by the way, Jack got up at 1am and 1:45am and guzzled water down like I’ve never seen him guzzle before. It was weird. But he went right back to sleep each time.

I love that boy. I love the way he guzzles water.

Anyway, now that I’ve given you an exhaustive list of what I ate today (what the heck?) I’ll go. Now.

I still don’t think the hollandaise was a mistake.


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  1. Stephanie

    You are a funny girl! 🙂 (By that, I mean you are a humorous writer, not anything negative.)

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