I have a deep love for the outdoors and the warmth of the sun and

the sound of the



I love it.

But I don’t get out enough. We tried to find a rental home in the country, and I thought that living there would help me remember to constantly bask in the all-encompassing beauty. Especially because we actually have seasons in this state. I can’t afford to waste any time

for the chill always returns!

But God had other plans for our living space, and here we are,

in the city.

It’s still beautiful but it takes more effort to get outside and find an enjoyable little spot of nature to lounge in.

But it can be done.

I did it today.

Bright and green and barefoot and lounging little slices,

sweet slices

of summer.


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One response to “Summery

  1. I feel the same way about the country, it is just so beautiful and is so relaxing.

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