A few of my favorite things.

1. The way Jack says, “See that?” (except that “see” sounds like “hee” and “that” sounds like “dat”) when he wants to share something with me.

2. Daisies.

3. Breakfast empanadas.

4. Really, really hot hot sauce.

5. Hanging freshly washed cloth diapers to dry in the sun and then, 15 minutes later, finding them completely void of stains.

6. Coconut oil and its many, many uses.

7. Thunderstorms that make midmorning seem like midnight.

8. Wool yarn.

9. Watching Forrest balance on his own. (!)

10. Good, attitude-altering perspective when I seem to have been lost in a sea of selfishness.

11. The Planet Earth DVD set.

12. Cleaning my house.

13. Sparkling water.

14. Friends that feel like family.

15. Babies.

16. Taking impromptu ice cream breaks in the kitchen with Jack.




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2 responses to “A few of my favorite things.

  1. Grammie

    I thought for sure that a pqr blanket would be one plus a picture ;o)

    Love ya bunches, Grammie

  2. I totally agree about daisies and coconut oil!

    And if you’d like, I promise I’d let you clean *my* house…

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