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Gosh. I keep thinking that every other blogger out there must live quite a busy life, too, but they manage to update their blogs, like, 98% more often than I do! I obviously need to figure out how to write more frequently…but you’d be amazed at how easily I am sidetracked. It seems that there’s always something to be cleaned or someone to be taken care of or something to cook and the list goes on!

Today has been a full day – the kind of full that feels good and purposeful and kind of crazy. I like these kinds of days because they give me a lot of time for reflection. You wouldn’t think that, but I find that cooking, cleaning, taking walks and the like all cause me to be very introspective.

Some things I’ve been thinking about…

:: How do I cultivate gratitude in my home? Sometimes, I’m not very grateful at all. I get caught up in missing my extended family, or in having little storage space in this small (but admittedly adequate) duplex, or wishing I had more time with Ryan. And somehow, I manage to forget the simple pleasures. I overlook the mundane, ordinary, everyday beauty of my life. And I know that those little things are what make my life. So…I don’t have an answer yet, but I’m seeking. I’m praying and I’m just doing my best to keep my eyes open for opportunities to give thanks. I have this lovely necklace charm, and on one side, it says “gratitude,” and on the other side, it says “abundance.” I think, although abundance does (should?) beget gratitude, gratitude also begets abundance. Because we won’t recognize the abundance of blessings we have until we master the art of gratitude.

:: I love watching Jack play with his toy kitchen. He got it for his first birthday and he’s always loved it, but only recently has he begun to get it. He takes his little enamel pots, fills them with wooden food, puts the whole thing in the oven, looks at me and says, “Okay, wait. It’s cooking.” When he decides it’s finished, he pulls it out of the oven, brings it to me and tells me it’s a surprise! and hands me a piece. Usually, I’m instructed to blow! and he always asks me if it’s good. I guess this brings warmth to my soul because I know he understands how beautiful and important it is to feed someone. In our house, we spend so much time preparing, cooking and serving food. The kitchen really is the heart of our home. And I love sharing that with my boy – even when the food is wooden and (it should go without saying) totally inedible. 🙂

:: I’ve finally managed to acquire my first sourdough starter! I already made two (delicious!) loaves and I’m in the process of making English muffins! I cannot begin to explain how much happy this brings to my life. I’ll post some photos soon.

:: Although I didn’t get time to report this as it was happening, Ryan got his appendix removed a few weeks ago, and then last week, we all sort of got a weird version of the flu. Forrest was affected most and only seems to be truly on the mend as of today. It’s amazing how sickness (or surgery!) can really throw us off track. I’m just thankful that we all seem to be healthier now!

And now that I have a mad baby yelling for my attention…gotta go! 😉


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