Bit of thought.

In my shower, there is a bottle of body wash from Lush. There is a little round sticker on the side of the bottle, and on the sticker is a little sketch of a woman’s face – it says ‘made by Susan‘ and gives the made on and use by dates.

It’s funny, because until I saw that sticker when I received the body wash for a Christmas gift last year, I’d never actually imagined someone mixing together the ingredients for the products I use. Presumably, there are some products that are mixed mechanically, but surely there are plenty of companies that pay real live people to concoct the products they sell. And I’d never even considered it. I like knowing that Susan was recognized.

It got me thinking about the common disconnection between the products we hold in our hands and their specific sources. It made me think  about how there are lots of people that look at their shoes, their purses, their sunglasses, their furniture as things that just come from a store – but the connection stops there. It’s easy to forget that the store had to receive those products from somewhere, and wherever that somewhere is, there are someones making those products for us. And, furthermore, it’s very difficult to know if those someones are getting fair wages – because let’s face it, most of the products we consume are outsourced to other countries.

I want the solution to be simple, but it’s not. I’m still trying to figure out how to make purchasing choices with not only my needs in mind, but also the needs of those who createdconcoctedsewedbuiltmade the things I buy.

I was just thinking about that. And that’s pretty much it.



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2 responses to “Bit of thought.

  1. It warms my heart that there are people {you!} that actually think about these things.
    Because they matter. They really do.

  2. Nice post! And very inspirational thoughts, thank you for sharing.

    I found, last summer, my thoughts in a somewhat similar place. I read “Where am I Wearing?” by Kelsey Timmerman. I found his take (and his gumption) to be extremely interesting. A book I’d definitely recommend. 🙂

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