Focus, now!

One of the most difficult parts of writing on this blog is figuring out what to write about.

The problem isn’t really coming up with something to say, because I do have a lot to say. It’s deciding which of the somethings to write about on any given day. It’s not an easy task, I tell you.

In an effort to simplify and make things a little easier on myself, I’ve been asking myself a very straight-forward question: what do you like to talk about most of all? what comes easiest?

My immediate, no-brainer answer is always food. I am most definitely, absolutely, positively in love with learning to be a good wife and mama, homemaking, crafting, our journey into Orthodox Christianity, and simple living (not necessarily in that order, but you know). And if you think about it, all of those things revolve around food. They really do.

I’m aware of many people who, in an effort to not idolize food, choose to give it a very small piece of their attention. I do believe that idolizing food is wrong, but that’s not what this is. You see, I can’t seem to separate God and food. He created it, after all. He created us, and we are dependent on it. And we’re not just dependent on edible substances – we’re dependent on whole, nourishing, healthy food. In our Western society, it can be incredibly difficult to recognize the difference between the two. I am on a mission to not only recognize whole, nourishing, and healthy food, but to also learn to prepare it and serve it, thus allowing my family and myself to flourish.

By the way – in case you’re wondering, yes, our bodies are temporary dwelling places for our souls. But that doesn’t mean we should fill them with trash.

So: God created food. He created us, and we have to eat food to stay alive. He also created us to multiply, which means we have families. Since we have families, we must feed those families as well as ourselves. And, well, we want to serve our families nourishing food so that they can live long, healthy lives and in turn, continue to fruitfully multiply and serve their families nourishing food. We also want to eat in a way that honors and preserves the rest of God’s creation (the earth) because he didn’t just create it so that we could fill it with trash, either.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I make food every day. I strive to learn more about traditional methods of preparation and cooking every day. I try new recipes every week, and most of the time, we like them. I always take pictures of the process and the final presentation because I love to express my creativity through the art of food.

I really, really, really like to talk about food.

Let’s bring this full circle, shall we?

My conclusion, as a result of all that (sorry), is to shift my blog’s focus to mostly food. I’m still going to blog about life as an utterly devoted wife and mama (which includes natural birth, cloth diapering and babywearing), and I’ll still post copious amounts of photos of my (adorable ahem) children, and I’ll even share about various crafting projects, our journey into Orthodoxy, and ideas for natural household and personal products. But my main focus will be food.

You can expect to find posts about recipes I’ve tried, cookbooks (or food blogs) I like, plenty of photos of food, the reasons behind the way we eat, helpful resources, and everything in between.

Most of what I’ll say won’t be new – in fact, it will almost always boil down to traditional methods of preparation, cooking, and eating. I do pray that I’ll be able to find a helpful, refreshing, authentic, faith-filled way to present it.

So stick around, will you?



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3 responses to “Focus, now!

  1. I’m so excited to see where this takes you 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m crazy about food, too and fascinated by how God made it to work in our bodies. I’m excited to hear about your blog’s new direction!

  3. This looks great, Rissa! Love the new look and direction!

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