“Bye-bye, weight!”

This morning, I brought the boys into the bathroom with me. Jack usually likes to step on the scale while he hangs out in there, though I’ve always assumed he doesn’t really know what it’s for (being 2 and 1/2 years old…).

But this time, he seemed like he was asking me something. I realized, after listening to him jabber away, that he was expecting me to say something because usually I make an exclamation along the lines of, “Wow, 31 pounds! You’re growing up so big!” So, I obliged and he repeated my words (kind of).


He repeated himself several more times, and after I scooped up the baby so we could move our little party elsewhere, Jack put the scale back in its place and said, “Bye-bye, weight!”

Ha. Haha! He makes me laugh.

If only it were that easy…. šŸ™‚



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3 responses to ““Bye-bye, weight!”

  1. LOL. Yeah, I really really really wish I had as happy a relationship (and as easy of a time saying “goodbye” to it!) as your little one has. šŸ˜‰ Adorable.

  2. …and, of course, I meant relationship and good bye to my weight. (!)

  3. jen

    this post made my heart happy. i love jack. and i love the “twos” (in spite of the many challenges this age presents.) its amazing when they make a connection with something & then proudly announce (and then repeat multiple times) what they have learned. ahhhh… miss you guys!

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