on what inspires me.

If given the choice between a trip to the mall with an endless amount of money to spend on a new wardrobe OR a trip to an enormous farmer’s market with an endless amount of money to spend on incredible food, I’d choose the food. Seriously.

It sounds silly because yeah, technically, a new wardrobe would last me a lot longer and who cares that much about food, anyway?

The thing is, it’s not an issue of food-snobbery, but rather that food simply amazes me. I am awed by gorgeous green-striped tomatoes, multi-colored carrots and purple potatoes the size of my eyeball. The blue, pink and brown eggs dazzle me and I can’t get over the deep, dark amber color of the honey. The fact that God created these things and we get to eat them – well, it brings me to my knees. I cannot get over it.

The artist in me awakens when I’m surrounded by beautiful food. I want to mix my paints to the exact hue of that orange stem on the rainbow chard and I want to sketch the beautiful curves of those glorious eggs. The intricacy of the wild mushrooms, the enormity of the juicy, ripe strawberries – they inspire me.

Not only do they inspire me to paint (which is something I rarely have time to do with two little boys to tend to), they inspire me to cook, which is something I have to do, anyway.

I used to shop with specific recipes in mind. I had a list of ingredients and I was afraid to wander off into the world of spontaneous shopping. It’s not that I don’t have a budget, but nowadays, I build recipes off of what I can find at the market.

When I see a pile of golden beets or bunches of dinosaur kale, my heart sings. There are so many meals waiting to be created, and I just don’t care enough about a new wardrobe to miss the chance to partake in an amazing part of God’s artwork.



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2 responses to “on what inspires me.

  1. Very few works of art can nourish the soul AND body like your cooking!

  2. Lindsey

    You are so cute!

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