Down with Sick

(Proof that my boys are amazing: they both have pink eye in this photo!)

So, we’ve been sick. Really, really sick.

It started the week of Christmas. Ryan wasn’t feeling well and I could tell some kind of sickness was trying to take us down. I began to guzzle down water and elderberry extract and I drank echinacea elder tea with local honey at least three times each day. My sore throat disappeared, but unfortunately, Ryan and the boys all ended up with the flu. I was so grateful to have avoided it so that I could at least take care of my boys, but I was silly to think that would be the extent of the sickness in our family.

Starting on New Year’s Eve, Ryan got the chills and said his throat was hurting. The next day, he had a fever. By January 2, he and I were both brought down by another flu. And, the icing on the cake? Both of the littles got pink eye. Lovely.

Ryan finally feels like he’ll be able to go back to work tomorrow, and I think I’m getting better. My throat isn’t hurting quite as badly, I haven’t had a fever in a while, and the aches seem to be gone. My ear hurts pretty bad, but I’m assuming it’s just a part of the cycle. The boys’ eyes are still seeping a little, but Forrest’s are the worst. The poor kid has been waking up each morning with his eyes sealed shut! It’s got to be one of the saddest things I’ve seen!

Anyway, I know this is sort of a boring post but I figured I owe y’all an explanation. 🙂

Oh, and for the sake of conversation: we took Forrest to the ER during the first round of the flu because his symptoms got pretty scary. While we were checking in, the nurse was asking basic questions about Forrest and his health. Then, inevitably, she asked, “And he’s up to date on his immunizations?” I smiled and said, “No.” She tilted her head slightly and I could feel the tension rise. “And why is that?” My answer: “Because we choose not to immunize him.” She responded with a drawn out, that’s-the-dumbest-thing-I’ve-ever-heard “O-kayyyyy…” and then continued with her questions. Does anyone else find it interesting that she basically acted like we were the most irresponsible parents ever? (Just curious, regardless of your stance on immunizations – I respect whatever choice you’ve made for your family!) I was pretty offended!

Well folks, that’s all I’ve got right now. I have a few posts in the works and I should be publishing them this week – that is, if this sickness continues to back off. Pray for our health if you think of it!



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7 responses to “Down with Sick

  1. Well, I’m glad to hear things appear to be on the mend, but YIKES. You are due for a break and I sure hope you get one! As for the nurse…it sure feels like there is a deep, deep divide between the medicalized living and natural living communities. I really hope the relationship and respect improve. Radically. Soon.

  2. camille

    LOVE IT! Not the sick part, but the immunization part! I get that a LOT… Did I tell you my insurance company sent me three (yes 3) letters about Bethany “We noticed your child has missed important immunizations…” And I love that when I call to schedule a Dr. appointment the receptionist will ask “And your child is up to date with his/her vaccines?” No. “Oh, we have to schedule that…” “No, I’m not getting them.” “well, Dr. Caliendo will want to discuss that with you.”

    Discuss all you want, but you’re making your other patients wait longer than necessary.

  3. crnnoel

    I’m mad for you re: the immunization aspect. Only because it seems more and more are choosing not to immunize their kids, and for good reasons. There’s no need to be judgmental and rude.

    Sorry you guys have been hit so hard… here’s to feeling better soon!

  4. We are sick right now, too (although you guys have had a much harder time than us), so I can relate! It’s probably just a really bad cold we’ve caught, but it’s been making us miserable for nearly a week, and it’s just getting started with me. Now I know firsthand that seeing one’s children sick is indeed the worst feeling in the world. It’s terrible that people feel the need to nag you for your decisions about vaccinations when you’ve come to them for help. I’ll pray for your family to get better!

  5. Yup, I hate being looked at like I am a bad parent because I’ve chosen differently. I wish they could at least acknowledge that since I am the parent, I get to make the decision.
    I remember one mom I know, who when in the ER would say, “They have all the ones the need.” Which meant none, but the nurse could assume whatever she wanted.
    Hope you all get better quickly! And you can put some breastmilk in Forrest’s eye to help it stop seeping. (You probably know that already, I just love to say it.)

  6. jen

    Sorry you guys have been so sick! I know it takes a great amount of energy to keep the house going, keep everything clean to avoid spreading any more germs, and take care of sick family members. We have had a touch of it too… well, mostly Maya (and it sadly kept us from keeping our plans with your parents on two different occasions). Both kids had pink eye early in December… Quentin’s took a while to clear up. Do you mind if I ask if you ended up getting antibiotic drops for their eyes? Or some other natural remedy? We used the drops, which is what I’ve always used for pink eye, but I’m curious if you know about something else. As for now, Maya is just getting over a nasty stomach bug which has really been no fun at all. Hoping & praying it will all pass soon, in your home & ours.
    As for rude nurse lady – she was in bad taste & out of line. Not cool at all.
    Love & miss you much!!!

  7. Abby

    When we first moved across the country a year and a half ago, I took my then 8 month old to a new Dr. I was discussing the possibility of delaying some immunizations. (We have vaccinated, but on a delayed schedule) He actually used the term “negligent parenting” when referring to our plan! Needless to say, we haven’t been back to his office!

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