Most of All

I love the Christmas season and I love to decorate for it. For as long as I can remember, my family has deemed the day after Thanksgiving the official start of the Christmas season. We put up our lights, we find our tree, we decorate, we listen to Christmas music, and we make lots of soup. And it just seems right.

Now that I have my own family, I’m happily continuing those traditions. I love it all, but do you know what I love most of all?

Special ornaments.

And wrapping paper. And bows.

And, by the way – I’m painfully aware of the poor quality of these photos. {Which is why, in the interest of my readers’ eyes, I uploaded them smaller than their originals. Tehe.} Unfortunately, I don’t have a real camera – just an iPhone – but I love to share these little bits of my life with you and I won’t let poor camera quality get me down! 😉

{You Capture: Holiday Decor}



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6 responses to “Most of All

  1. wrapped presents??? i need to get busy!!!

  2. yestheyareallmine

    Love the bulldozer!

  3. crnnoel

    They’re gorgeous! 🙂 I actually love the fuzzy glow of the pictures.

  4. Love the “look” of your pictures! and, the ornaments are so cute!

  5. Grammie

    Papa is in bed, I’m feeling kinda icky with a cough that kept me awake last night and so I’m dreading going to bed thinking I’ll just have to get up and go downstairs so Papa can sleep. I needed something to cheer me up and I thought of you and your blog. It was just perfect as I remembered the little girl who was so independent and who still is and who has taken that part of her and brought about some awesome creative ways of living life to it’s fullest. I love who you have become, a wife, a mom, and giver to all. You light up life with the wonder of each new discovery and the future can only hold a treasure that will gradually be unfolded. You are missed and yet I see your smile in every picture you take as you discover the wonder of His creation and change of seasons around you. I will put the pictures in every room so I can see them and smile and yes even laugh as memories flood in. Thank you for sharing life with me, I will always love ya bunches!

  6. continuing traditions is we always cut down our tree the saturday have thanksgiving. there is SO much comfort in that. i love it.
    hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas!

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