I’m cringing. Just thinking about what I’m about to write makes me cringe. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know what I’m talking about.

Jack is bald.

As in, he has maybe a centimeter of hair.

….Maybe I should back up and explain myself.

First of all, let me say that the last time Jack needed a trim {around the time we arrived here in New York, so…2 months}, I took care of it and I did a pretty good job for having no clue how to cut hair.

So, on Friday, I was noticing that his bangs were getting in his eyes and the hair on his neck looked a little scraggly. I took him into the bathroom and trimmed it up nice, but I kept thinking about how cute he would look with a little fauxhawk. Nothing drastic – just a little variation to make things interesting. Since I didn’t trust myself with the electric trimmer, I decided to wait until Ryan got home. I assumed he’d be much better at handling the shaping since he uses an electric trimmer for his beard.

Well, Ryan finally got home later that evening and agreed to help me. I explained that I was thinking he should leave the fauxhawk part about two inches long while leaving the rest of his hair about one inch long. He agreed that those measurements sounded right, and a-trimming he went.

Except that the piece of the trimmer that determines the length wasn’t really working.

Two minutes later, I gasped. “Ryan…he has a bald spot.”

And sure enough, there on the right side of the back of Jack’s head, there was a bald spot. The trimmer had gotten the best of him.

I won’t share all the painful details, but basically, the night ended in the shape of a military haircut.

Seriously – Jack looked like he was about to get shipped off to bootcamp. He was totally shaven all around his head with a tuft of hair covering the entire top of his head.

So the next morning, I said {incredibly sweetly, of course}, “Ryan, baby – I just can’t handle the military cut. I think you should just buzz it. That way it will all grow out the same length.”

And Ryan, being the dear husband that he is, agreed. He took Jack back into the bathroom and in no time, I heard the buzzing of the electric trimmer.

When I went upstairs to see how things were coming along, though, I winced.


Ryan and I just laughed. We kept laughing, and then shaking our heads, and then laughing, and then kind of yelling at each other, and then laughing again.

Poor, poor Jack.

Poor bald Jack.

I’m serious, I’m cringing right this minute.

It’s totally my fault. If I’d just left well enough alone, Jack would still have his gorgeous gold-brown hair. Of course I still think he’s incredibly cute, but he’s a very bald sort of cute.

And as if I’m not cringing enough already, I’m now going to show you what he looks like. Because I know this post would be an incredible disappointment without the proof of my awful mistake.







Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go break the electric trimmer.

{P.S. Please overlook the poor photo quality – I’m currently using an iPhone for all my photography needs!}



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8 responses to “Bald

  1. It will grow! We’ve had home haircuts end badly too; I just took Ethan in to get a “daddy haircut” fixed today. Jack looks cute no matter what. Without hair, I can see that he and Forrest do look quite a bit alike!

  2. Corrie

    I did this exact thing when my son was two. The great thing about hair is that it grows, and soon Jack won’t be bald anymore!

  3. Oh, dear! But yes, it will grow. And he can’t help but look darling!

  4. I would freak out over it too, but then again, I only have girls. (Come to think of it, Ivey’s hair is looking pretty thin around the edges these days!) Jack looks cute though. You should crochet him a little hat to match his dad’s!

  5. crnnoel

    Thankfully, hair grows 🙂 But he’s still so very cute!

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  7. Lindsey

    OH GIRL! 2 year olds sitting still is like asking a cat not to purr! Eli is currently sporting the faux-hawk, but only after 3 days of trimming it with scissors! The last time I cut his hair, this summer, John exclaimed, “HE LOOKS LIKE A CANCER PATIENT, Babe. You are banned from touching his hair!” He has since forgiven me and thank goodness his hair grows quickly! Hey, at least Jack has a nice shaped noggin!!!!!! And, at least he isn’t 13 years old (my older brother had a bad experience with my Mom “trimming” his hair with clippers-it ended with a bald cut, much like Jack’s and a very sad 13 year old boy!)!!!!! He looks really cute! 🙂

  8. i caught you off soulemama today and i was cruising around your latest posts. i’m really feeling your pain right now with your bald boy. when my boy turned two, my husband decided to use the clippers on him when i was out. needless to say, i came home and my boy, like yours, was bald. i cried! it’s like, the very first time we are seeing our boys without the baby hair. and now getting a glimpse of them as little men!

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