About It All Now

I’m a little stumped when I look back at the way my blog began, what I used to write about, and how it’s changed since then. For the most part, in the beginning, I looked at blogging as a way to share the wealth of information I’d been discovering about parenting and healthy eating {among other things, but those were most prevalent}. A lot of my posts were of a persuasive nature. In my immaturity, wanted to be sure that everyone knew the “right” way to do things.

Many of those things I used to write about still matter greatly to me, and in fact, some of it matters even more to me now! The thing is, though, I’ve been so keenly aware of the fact that regardless of whether something appears right for me or not, I don’t really have any right to push my beliefs on anyone else.

The unfortunate part about all of that is, I’ve been incredibly reluctant to share my findings, decisions, etc! So that brings us back to the “stumped” part at the beginning of this post.

I want to tell you about the way we eat and why. I want to explain why I choose to parent the way I do. I want to tell you about how we’ve been attending an Orthodox Christian church and I want to talk about my different daily struggles and how I have managed to overcome them {or have continued to struggle, which is the case with a lot of it}!

As of late, most of my energy has been focused on working through the adjustment phase of moving from California to New York, sharing a home with my in-laws and learning to take care of the boys while Ryan works a full-time, specifically-scheduled job in order to save money for our eventual move to a more permanent location. But every once in a while, I make a fun meal or choose a certain toy for my kids or resolve to do or not do something for the sake of our {physical, mental or spiritual} health and I think, I’d love to blog about this. I wonder if it would be helpful to share what I’m doing?

I always err on the side of nah, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers or discount anyone’s feelings or whatever.

Which is so not me.

I’m not like that in real life, people.

So, I guess this is my way of saying, forgive me, but I think I’m going to start posting about it all now.

I don’t really care if it persuades anyone. I’ve chosen to limit my family’s use of plastic, I’ve chosen to eat whole, often raw, organic, local food, I’ve chosen to breastfeed as long as my child{ren} desire{s}, I’ve chosen to cloth diaper my babies, I’ve chosen to not use any form of birth control and trust God’s plan for our family size, and I’ve chosen to cosleep with my baby. And it’s okay with me if no one chooses to do all that as a result of reading my blog. It’s also cool with me if I’m able to help someone arrive at a conclusion about how they wish to live. Either way, I’m just here to write. For me. For whoever wants to read.

That’s all.

And for the record, let me just say that I definitely don’t think I’m perfect. I’ll never be perfect. I’m just trying to figure out how to go through my life, honor my Creator, enjoy myself as much as possible, be a good steward of the Earth, love the daylights out of my husband, and shepherd my children into adulthood.

If you want to follow along, I’d love to have you.



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12 responses to “About It All Now

  1. Nicole

    You’re eating it, and we’re growing it! Cool. Ooh, and Forrest was born at home! Awesome. All of mine except #3 were born at home. Tons of fun. I love it.

  2. I’m right there with you and the struggle.

  3. I like your “feather-ruffling” posts. Questioning the way things are done is the only way people improve themselves. Anyway, the people who would be insulted by your posts are probably not the type of people who’d read them in the first place.

  4. I think it is interesting to read about your opinions, even if I don’t make all the same choices as you do. It’s your blog, if someone is that bothered by it, they don’t have to read:)

  5. Please share! I love to hear about other’s choices. I never know when something I read might become something we incorporate into our lives : -)

  6. crnnoel

    I think you should ruffle all the feathers you want 🙂 It’s always interesting read about things that believe believe wholeheartedly. I say that, yet have the same problem. I’ll start if you do 🙂

  7. I’m like you…I’m afraid that I’ll offend people. I also do my best to not mention that we use Babywise with our child, because I know most other people who cloth diaper are APers. I don’t want people to call me a bad parent (even though I think Babywise is completely safe and is what has worked the very best for my family…although I know it isn’t for everyone…but what is?) because I know I’m not.

    I hope you’ll continue to speak your mind here. Perhaps I’ll begin to do it more, myself. =)

  8. Janine

    Oh, I’m excited to read what you have to say.
    It’s your blog and you should write about YOU. What makes you, you.
    I like to be inspired by others, and slowly incorporate some of your ideas/principles into my life. I’m soon to be a first time mum, and love hearing how others live there life.
    GO FOR IT.

  9. Lindsey

    Ruffle away! And whoever says that figuring life out with children, husband, family, in-laws is easy and not a struggle…can you introduce me because I would LOVE to pick their brain! And, “Smart people ask questions!” I grew up hearing that! So, by you “ruffling feather” and figuring it out while writing about it or whatever…do it! Please! One day when I have my own house again (come on God…we’re waiting!) I plan on having a giant garden in my giant backyard! Oh man…I love to read about what you have discovered and what not. Generally it’s stuff I am struggling with considering the closeness of our boys ages…all of this terrible punctuation, run-on sentences to say. Please write what is on your heart. 🙂

  10. I feel the same way about my beginning posts. In my case, I changed how I presented the info. Instead of implying, “This is what you should do,” I say, “This is what I do.” And like I wrote about on Friday, I think the most important thing to remember is whether our children are living for Him: http://from-my-life.blogspot.com/2009/11/in-light-of-eternity.html

    In light of that, the rest is inconsequential.

  11. Please keep posting all those things! Especially the way you do things, or products! I think it’s great to “share” knowledge you’ve discovered through experience, whether it be a process or product. I personally keep meaning to blog about things I love/my favorite products, because when I believe in something I want to share it with everyone!

    And when someone I know (and like) raves about something, I want to try it!

    I never thought you were being pushy at all. Just giving us all a glimpse of your daily life…and it’s lovely!

  12. jen

    ditto what everyone else said. ruffle. 🙂

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