I’ve decided something.

I’ve resolved to commit myself to learning how to do something new every week.

It kind of looks silly now that I’ve written it out, but I guess it’s based mostly on my desire to see the good in everything, to learn to seek out adventure, and to hone my natural talents. It may seem simplitic to some, but it feels big and important to me.

Let me explain.

Learning how to do something creates a sense of accomplishment. I feel proud of myself and that experience always leads me to more open doors. As a mama, I tend to slip into this same-ol’-same-ol’ attitude. The only way I figure I’ll be able to counter that is to purposefully place myself in educational circumstances.

Tonight, I began the process of soaking lentils for the first time. I can already guarantee that I’m only hitting the tip of the iceburg here. When I think of it like that, I feel excited. My adventuresome spirit begins to wriggle around in preparation for flight and my eager heart causes me to lift from the ground. I like that feeling. I want to feel that way more often.

So, I will learn how to do something new every week. Even if it’s just a new recipe, or a new embroidery stitch, or how to do a leaf rubbing. I may be a busy mama of young children, but those children need a happy, adventurous, delightful mama – not a cranky, too-serious, downer of a mama!

I’ll keep you all updated on the progress of the lentil sprouts!


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