Redeeming Factor

You’re tired. Daylight savings time really messed with your schedule. Your almost-six-month-old yelled at you for 30 minutes straight before his naptime and your 2-year-old broke down into tears everysingletime you uttered the word “no.”

But then you finished crocheting a hat for your sweet husband. And it actually looked like a hat. And he wore it all evening while he worked on mixing a record downstairs.

And it made you smile.




Filed under creating things

2 responses to “Redeeming Factor

  1. Getting yelled at is the worst! With a 2-year-old and a baby, it happens a lot and it really wears me and my patience out. Love the hat though! I’ve tried crocheting some hats but they didn’t turn out that good 🙂

  2. Lindsey

    I LOVE THAT HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job!!!! I want to learn how to crochet/knit. I should find a craft store and try (it is 2 hours away :/)!!

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