Wash It Away

Each time I find myself full to the brim with frustration, exhaustion and irritation, all I really need to do is wash it away.

Wash away the distractions.

Rub out the selfish smudges of “I need” and “I want” and the “shoulds” and the “could haves.” I see a lot more clearly without the smudges and the streaks.

Maybe this only makes sense when you’re there. Are you there?

I always know that I’ve lost perspective when I start thinking of my children as the reason why I can’t do what I want. The honest truth is, when I slow down, step back and reevaluate, all I want are my children.

I enjoy writing. I enjoy knitting and crocheting. I enjoy drinking tea and drawing and embroidering and cooking up elaborate meals. But I’d give all that up for the sake of relationship with my kids.

I’ve come to a place where I need to let go of everything else for a little while. Today, tomorrow, and for many days after that, it’s about being a mama. It will always come back to being a mama. Did I hug my kids, or did I wish they’d leave me alone so I could do something “more important” like update Twitter or crochet a hat or drink my tea while it’s still hot? Did I read them books and teach them the names of sea animals or did I push them aside so I could fold clothes without any interruptions?

I like blogging. I like updating Twitter and I like learning new forms of art. But those things will always come in second after my family. And I’m perfectly okay with that.


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One response to “Wash It Away

  1. Oh, I am so there. And you are so right.

    My kids are not distractions from my life. They ARE my life. I would do well to remember that.

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