Playing Along

Stephanie at Adventures In Babywearing did a fun little meme on kids’ names yesterday and invited anyone to play along.

These are my answers!

Enjoy, and if you decide to play along as well, be sure to tell me in the comments and go over and tell Stephanie, too!

1. Do you have any cultural or religious naming traditions?

Nope! Not at all.

2. Did you or your partner come to the marriage with pre-selected names?

Ryan didn’t, but I did. I always knew I wanted to name one of our {many} sons Jack. Back in high school, I even warned my mom {when she decided to name her canary Jack} that one day she’d have a grandson with the same name.
Other than that, though, we haven’t used any of the names I pre-selected {yet}. I’ve always loved the name Lucy Cate, but we have several girl names we’ve agreed on {that weren’t pre-selected} that we’d like to use first.

3. Did you consider the sound of the first and middle and last names together? Did this make any sad eliminations?

Yes. Our last name is English, two-syllable and very strong. As far as boy names go {and because we’ve only had two children, both of which are boys}, we’ve had to pay close attention to balancing out the sounds and the strength of each name. I really like the names Fisher and Fletcher, but seeing as our last name ends in -er, I won’t be using those names.

4. Did you have veto powers?

Well, I’d like to think so! 😉 Truly, though, it really matters to me that I know Ryan loves our child’s name. I’d hate to know that he settled for it simply because I wanted it.

5. Did the baby naming cause arguments?

Not yet. When I first brought up Forrest’s name, Ryan was opposed to it mostly because of the movie Forrest Gump. When I was pregnant, though, there came a time when his name just felt right. No arguing necessary! Thankfully, we have similar taste in names and the small list we’ve got right now consists of names we both have agreed on.

6. Do you think it is easier to name boys or girls?

Hmm. I think it’s easier to name boys because you know their last name will always be the same. I’m more nervous to name any girls we may have because I want to be sure her name is beautiful regardless of our last name.

7. Did you eliminate names because of people from your past or present who you don’t like or because a certain image comes to mind.

Yes, unfortunately. Specifically – Cecilia {I love this name but oh well}.

8. Did you / would you survey your children to get their thoughts on the name?

No. I still remember the name I loved when I was little. And it wasn’t pretty. And I don’t like it now. So I doubt we’ll ever ask our children their opinion on our names {or if they have any suggestions}.

9. Did you tell people the name or possible names before the baby was born or were they “in the vault”?

We told with both kids. As soon as we found out Jack was a boy, we named him. In fact, we had chosen our names right after I found out I was pregnant so it was fairly simple. With Forrest, things were a little more complicated. We tossed around so many names and we were very vocal about our indecisiveness. I don’t really care about anyone’s opinion regarding our name choices because seriously? they’re our children. That made it a lot easier to tell people.

10. Did you use baby name books?

We haven’t found our names in baby name books but we’ve used the books to check meanings and origins. Really, though, all that information is so readily available online that by the time I was pregnant with Forrest, I only read the books when I was feeling like taking my time as I browsed or if I didn’t have access to the internet {a rare occasion}.

Drumroll Please…What did you name your kids?

Jack Dempsey {we loved the name Jack and Dempsey is my grandfather’s first name}


Forrest Truman {Forrest was my great-grandfather’s name and Truman was my great-great-grandfather’s middle name}



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3 responses to “Playing Along

  1. Julie Dierks

    I have been enjoying reading your blog for a while now. I kind of stumbled upon it. I can’t believe how much we have in common in our likemindedness. I am 34 yrs. old. We have 7 blessings so far. They range from 12 years to 8 months. We are trying to move out of state as well. Waiting on our house to sell. It has been 4 months of a long commute. My husband was tranferred to Wisconsin in May and drives 4 hours a day !! I would love to talk with you sometime. If you want to email me that would be great. I’m sure we could learn much from one another. God Bless.

  2. This looked like fun, my answers are up on my blog now! I enjoyed reading yours!

  3. Oh my gosh you have GREAT names. I am going to pass these on to a preggy friend!!


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