It’s really easy to subconsciously behave as if we’re on vacation right now. That’s probably largely due to the fact that we’ve only ever come here together for the purpose of vacationing, but I also think it’s because we know this will be a very short chapter in our lives {in the grand scheme of things}.

I’m recognizing so many things within myself that I want to change. I’m also recognizing all the ways I want to be known, appreciated, and understood. I don’t think it’s always bad to want to be appreciated. And I’m not talking about being thanked. I’m talking about being enjoyed. I’m not ashamed of that. Being liked is a good thing and I’ll just keep trying to be likeable.

My little family of four is binding itself together, tighter and tighter and tighter with each moment that passes. I can almost see it happening right before my eyes. The bonding is tangible and strong and passionate. I am in awe and I don’t want it to stop. I squeeze, I kiss, I smile, I feel, I need. Don’t let it stop.

There are times when I look ahead to the next change and I quickly reprimand myself. THIS is life. Right now, I’m living it, and in six months, I’ll be living it, too. But I don’t want to miss right now. Right now is what molds me, prunes me, presses me and refines me for tomorrow. I’ll only have to start all over again if I don’t value today’s challenges.

Sometimes being inside the house all day has to be enough. It doesn’t mean life passed me by. It only means that life happened inside the house. Simple.

Today, we enjoyed a little bit of life at a local burger place, and then we went to the farm where most of the animals were cuddling inside their various shelters because ohmahgah it is COLD. I had fun but those animals only served to remind me that there are seasons of cuddling inside our shelters and quietly adoring each other and growing lots of fur to keep protected from the harsh weather and do you know what I mean?

Life is happening, and it keeps on happening. Either we opt in, or we don’t.

That’s all.


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