It was time for some fresh air and togetherness so we went to the neighborhood duck pond.


We let Jack walk instead of using the stroller and the feel of his miniature hand in mine was a little slice of Heaven.


Jack loved the quah-quahs {ducks} and their cool {pool, otherwise known as pond}.


Forrest and I snuggled and watched and enjoyed the slight chill in the air.


I took about 700 trillion photos of Ryan and Jack and so many sweet moments were captured and I wanted to post everysingleone but I decided that this one might possibly convey that sweetness while using much less space.


After the ducks ate all of our bread, decided they were bored with us and swam to the middle of the pond, we headed over to the playground on the other side of the park.


I almost melted into a big blob of sentimental mama goo about 57.8 times. I love that boy. And that hat.


I’d finish admiring Jack only to look down and then – a-melting I would go, all over again.

Forrest, I can barely stand your cuteness.

Do you realize what you boys are doing to me?!


Alas, Jack refused to stop being adorable. I doubt all my oohs and aahs really encouraged him to stop, anyway.


And this guy?

Well, don’t even get me started on him.



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3 responses to “Togetherness

  1. Grammie

    How precious are they and what a wonderful mom you are….they are filled with the certainty of your love for them in every look, every word, and every touch. So proud of you and who you have become…..

  2. Love the pictures…and the baby faces…and the hat, too!

  3. Your family is beautiful.

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