Goings On (and some parentheses)

Today, I got my eyebrows threaded. It was weird. But cool! It was kind of like someone was sandpapering my eyebrow hairs away. You should try it! No, really.

Jack no longer wears diapers unless he is sleeping. We take car trips, go out to eat, go shopping, and all that – all without a diaper. There have been a few accidents here and there. Sometimes, he poops because, well, he still hasn’t quite got that part down. And one time, he peed while we were in Costco because we forgot to take him to the potty. But seriously…he’s doing really, really well. I’m proud of my boy.

Forrest is fussy. He’s been such an incredibly easy baby up to this point and I’m not sure why he suddenly feels the need to yell at me all the time. His naps are short and when I go to rescue him, he’s squirming and crying and very angry. At night, he has been taking forever to fall asleep (and not without protest). He also seems to need to suck constantly (AKA all night long), but is often too impatient to nurse (if my letdown takes to long, watch out – he yells then, too). I’m taking it in stride and I’m not too stressed out yet, but I’ll admit that I am a little curious about the cause of all this. Thankfully we co-sleep and I don’t have to get out of bed five bazillion times to take care of him in the nighttime.

I’ve given up refined sugar. Again. I’ve been wanting to jump back on the wagon for a while now, and I came up with a really great argument for why I should (hey, it helped me convince myself, so it’s great if I say it is!). So, pretend you’re eating a piece of chocolate cake. (Are you pretending?) Depending on how quickly you choose to eat it (I like to savor each bite for several seconds before moving on), you’re going to spend anywhere from one minute (bleh!) to fifteen minutes enjoying the flavors and reveling in the delicate crumb and silky frosting (or something). And after that? You can’t taste it anymore, but the effects of that delicious sugar you just consumed will last (and last and last). The only way to taste the sugar again, however, is to eat more sugar! And thus begins the utterly vicious cycle.

In all honesty, I do not want to live that way! I like sugar. I’m not a sugar freak, but I really like it. Instead of ten minutes of good flavor and hey, some pollution for my body! I just want to choose to eat naturally sweet things that will actually benefit my body with some sorts of vitamins and nutrients. Incredibly enough, God actually created things like strawberries and honeybees and watermelon and they taste good (well, the honeybees don’t taste good but…you know what I mean…) without adding anything to them! ……Are you convinced? Well, either way, I convinced myself and I’m not going to eat (drink?) refined sugar anymore. Down with vanilla lattes.

Now that I’ve gotten an incredibly random post out of the way, I’m going to go enjoy the pool on this lovely (oppressively smoldering hot) afternoon.



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5 responses to “Goings On (and some parentheses)

  1. Lauren

    Maybe Forrest is teething?

  2. Stephanie

    My husband bought a moka pot this year and it makes almost expresso strength coffee and lickety-split, too. So while it’s brewing or percolating or whatever it is, we heat up some whole milk, add a little vanilla and some maple syrup. Whisk it all up until it is frothy and YUM YUM- vanilla latte. Or cappuccino. Or something delicious. So maybe you don’t have to give up your yummy coffee treats.

    • mamarissa

      Steph, that’s a great idea! Sounds DELISH!

      Hey, didn’t you ask me a question about my favorite cloth diapers recently? I’m blanking on where it was and I don’t want to ignore your question! Let me know, or just email me if you’d rather! And congrats on being pregnant, by the way! 🙂

  3. Stephanie

    I mean eSpresso, not expresso. It is pretty fast, though! 🙂

  4. crnnoel

    I wish I had your strength… I’m afraid we’re all a tad too in love with refined sugar in our house. You’re an inspiration 😉

    And bravo to Jack!! Such a big step… we hope to be there soon…

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