Moving Forward, Glancing Back

It will probably be a while before I can stop glancing back.

Right now, we’re moving forward so quickly. We’re selling off most of our furniture (and “lending” our piano to some friends), and suddenly my living room feels very empty. There’s a huge stack of boxes in my dining room. My kitchen cabinets are almost completely empty. After our yard sale on Saturday, most everything else will be gone from this room.

As I clear things out, box things up and throw things away, I am reminded of that rainy day in December – the day we unlocked the back sliding door for the first time. The apartment was empty then, too, and we were walking through and admiring our soon-to-be home. It was a joyful day.

These days are full of anticipation, but not without a twinge of sorrow. I’ve left my hometown before, but this time, it’s different. We’re not just spreading our wings for a trial flight. We’re actually flying. I’m grateful and excited and feeling very purposeful – there’s no doubt about it. I’m just not going to try to trick you into thinking I won’t miss it here.

I will.

So for now, I’ll keep moving forward with measured haste, because hey, we’re moving our things out of this apartment on the 1st of September and I can’t afford to move any slower. But I may glance back every once in a while, just to remind myself of this quiet chapter of my life.

It was a good chapter.



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2 responses to “Moving Forward, Glancing Back

  1. Erica Mericle

    Hey Rissa,

    I’m sure all your friends want to hang out with you before you guys leave…are you going to be having a going away party or anything like that? We would love to see you guys too! Let me know. You guys will definitely be missed.

    The Mericle’s

  2. Grammie

    Didn’t realize you were moving out on the 1st…will you be at your folks?

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