Real Life: Part 1


This is what’s in the middle of my living room right now. Clean laundry.

I seem to keep everything else looking mostly okay, but the laundry? It’s consistently washed and never put away. I try. I really, really try. Somehow, I can’t find the chance to put it away until after the boys are both asleep for the night and then? I don’t want to! I want to relax with my husband and well…I want to sleep!

I’m learning not to measure my success with my laundry status. Although I still desire to be clean and efficient within my home, I am not defined by my laundry and I refuse to feel like a bad wife and mother because of these full baskets.

My baby won’t always require so many cuddles. My toddler won’t always love curling up next to me with bookafterbookafterbookafterbook.

This is real life. And I’m gonna choose to live it.



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4 responses to “Real Life: Part 1

  1. Lauren

    Amen sister!!! And hey it is CLEAN laundry after all.

  2. Holly

    Well, I (bizarrely) LOVE putting away laundry! So if I happen to move in above you, maybe I will help you tackle this 🙂

  3. crnnoel

    I often have those same exact laundry bins stacked in my living room also, full of clean laundry… sometimes the laundry gets strewn around by the toddler and one year old 😉 The mess will still be there in a years I’m sure, but they only stay little for right now.

  4. Amen! I love doing laundry, but I let other things slip (dusting–ugh!). Thanks for the reminder that we are not measured by our housework. “If I can fold mounds of laundry, but have not LOVE, I am nothing!”

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