Sidewalk Chalk

Life is made up of the very little things.

The board books.

The sidewalk chalk.

The swaddling of a squishy little baby body.

The tickles.

The wrestling with Daddy.

The tender diaper changes.

The meals we serve.

I tend to get so caught up in what I’m not accomplishing.

My clean laundry lays strewn across my bedroom floor. My bed is not made. My kitchen is full of used dishes. My living room is covered in a little boy’s toys. My bathrooms have a layer of dust on the counters and hairs on the floors. There’s a slight ring around my tub and the trash could use some emptying.

If I focus on that alone, I am overwhelmed by the feeling of incompetence, inability – frustration. I wonder why I ever thought I could handle mothering in the first place. I wonder if I will ever have clean clothes hanging in my closet again.

In the eyes of the world – I am a failure. I don’t have it all together. I cannot keep up.

In the eyes of my children, my husband, my God – I am doing a great work. I am walking a difficult but honorable path.

Life is made up of

goofy dances in the living room

walks to see the “Neigh” and the”Maa!”

sweet cuddles

laughter (not stress)

family prayer time

naps with my baby

watching my boys smile at each other

and early morning chats over coffee with my husband.

Life is so much more than clean bathrooms.




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7 responses to “Sidewalk Chalk

  1. Erica Mericle

    Amen sister!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Lauren

    I can relate so much to this!! So thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that cannot keep up with chores and “life”.
    You are an amazing mama to your boys, I am so blessed to hear of how you make your family your highest priority. Good work lady =)…

  3. heatherstevens

    Thanks, Rissa! I always enjoy reading what you write, but especially enjoyed this one. Awesome perspective on life and I totally agree! We are years away from being able for me to stay home with a oneday family but whenever I get to be a mom, I hope to learn a lot from you πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for that – I really needed to hear it!

  5. That last sentence really hit me–I’ve been struggling with feelings of inadequacy for several months. Thank you for the reminder that my family life is not to be judged by how pristine our bathrooms are (thank goodness!).

  6. Stephanie

    Have you ever heard the song, “If Ever You Worshipped” but Danny Oertli? There’s a video of it on you tube. So great. I think of myself as a missionary- to my children!! I want warriors for God more than I want a perfectly kept house. Which by the way- I would not be able to attain, even if that were my main goal every day. πŸ™‚

  7. I so needed this tonight.

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