Review: Smartipants

Boy, oh boy – am I excited about these diapers!

I first heard about Smartipants from my friend, Camille – she was a tester for them and had great things to say. I was on the lookout for some affordable one-size diapers to accomodate Jack until he’s fully potty-trained and I wanted to be able to use them for Forrest, too. I was convinced that Smartipants (proudly made in the USA!) would be the best option for us – and I was right!smartipants

At $14.95 apiece, they’re exceptionally well-made diapers. The thing that sets Smartipants apart from all other one-size diapers is its patented Smart Sleeve. Instead of a”pocket,” the diaper is equipped with a sleeve in which you place the absorbent microterry insert(s). This eliminates the need to remove the soiled insert before washing – it simply agitates out of the sleeve while in the wash! I can definitely say that I do not enjoy the insert-removal aspect of your average pocket diaper, so the Smart Sleeve is a big deal!jacksmartipants

Of course, another obvious plus is that Smartipants accomodate your baby’s diapering needs from 7-35lbs. This is especially helpful when you have 2 or more children in diapers – they can all use Smartipants, which means you don’t have to spend money on several different sizes of diapers! Score!

I’ve always been a diaper cover user, so the idea of a waterproof outer shell is really exciting for me. I love it that I can just quickly snap the Smartipants on either of my boys without worrying about any additional steps. Although I still have a special place in my heart for prefolds and wool covers (and always will), Smartipants are a great choice for outings with both boys and nighttime for Jack.forrestsmartipants

As if that wasn’t enough, I am also especially excited about how trim Smartipants are. Many of Forrest’s 3-month-old-sized onesies were too tight on his shoulders because of his bulky diapers. Now he can easily wear all of his onesies without an issue!

Considering Forrest is still within the “blow-out” phase, I often have to rewash his wool covers because of the poo leakage (prefolds aren’t great at retaining blow-outs). If you’ve ever used wool covers, you’ll know that washing them is no small feat and the hang-drying takes forever. With Smartipants, I haven’t had any poo leakage – but even if I did, it wouldn’t be a huge ordeal. I’d just throw the whole thing in the wash and be done with it! Forrest has experienced a few wetness problems, but after talking it over with Jessica (great customer service, by the way!), I discovered that Forrest simply needed an additional insert and a size adjustment. He (and I!) woke up dry this morning after 11 hours in the same Smartipants diaper!jack

An additional benefit to Smartipants is the use of snaps as opposed to aplix (velcro) closures. They are very sturdy and impossible for a baby to undo (heck, even I have to work at unsnapping them)! Although Jack is basically past the stage where I was scared he’d remove his own diaper, it still brings me comfort to know that he couldn’t remove his diaper, even if he wanted to. He can now take naps in a diaper alone – which is really great, considering the weather here in Southern California!

As you can see, I am very satisfied with our Smartipants diapers. My experience with their customer service has been very pleasant, my order was shipped almost immediately after I placed it, and as soon as we opened the box, we wished we’d ordered more!forrest I have no doubt that we will continue to enjoy these diapers – and you better believe we’ll be purchasing more in the future!

I’ll be suggesting Smartipants to all the cloth diapering moms I know!



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7 responses to “Review: Smartipants

  1. Ooo! I love hearing/reading about new kinds of cloth diapers!

    Couple questions:

    1. Did Forrest wear them right away? In other words: would they fit a newborn when s/he’s truly brand new?

    2. I can’t tell from the site how they adjust for sizing. Obviously, there are the snaps in the front, but is there some way to adjust the rise (like on the OS FB)? If not, do you think that’s a negative? If so, how hard is it?

    Danica is lending me her stash of kissaluv 0s (12) + x-small thirsties covers (6), but I’d like to get a little extra to add. Right now I’m leaning toward trying some GMD infant fitted diapers, but I’m definitely open to other possibilities!

  2. Rissa, have you washed them yet with doubled inserts? I’m curious if the inserts still came out in the wash while doubled up.

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  4. mamarissa

    @Brietta – I only just got my Smartipants diapers last week, but I am confident they’d fit a newer, slimmer baby as well. The tabs have the ability to overlap to a very small waist size! As far as the rise – there are three snap settings for that as well. Overall, Smartipants are very customizable! I have used (and am still using in addition to Smartipants and a few BumGenius) infant size Indian prefolds on Forrest and I really like those because they’re so simple, but I have no doubt that Smartipants would have been great in the very beginning, too. Perhaps one of the reason prefolds were nice is because of the frequent newborn diaper changes – it was so easy to buy 24 prefolds to have on hand (much cheaper than any other diaper)! Hope that helps. And like I said, the Clovers on sale at Kelly’s look great, and how great that you’ll have the 12 Kissaluvs!

    @Camille – there was one time where a few of my inserts didn’t wash out, but I realized that I had washed a ton of diapers together that day. Since then, I’ve washed the diapers 3 more times and every insert has come out – even in the diapers that were doubled up. So there ya go! πŸ™‚

  5. tntdynomite

    I love these diapers, too!! I just read on Twitter that there are only 4 days left of the introductry 3 pack for $36. I need to find some PP quick πŸ™‚ Great review!!!

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  7. Libby

    I absolutely LOVE Smartipants! I rave about them any chance I get. We have been cloth diapering our 14 month old for 4 months and of the several we have used, they are our favorites. Stella is a little small at just over 20 pounds and they have fit her great all along. They are holding up very nicely, they don’t stain, inserts always agitate out, even when doubled, and they were a real steal! ($13/diaper on Diaper Junction–currently out of stock) And made in the USA! Can’t beat that. My only issue is the shipping that Smartipants charges…almost makes them the same price as others in comparison. I know of at least one site that has stopped selling them because of that. Bottom line, they are the best!

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