Review: Clover Wool Wrap

I recently realized that I’ve yet to review any of the cloth diapering products I use – and I have a pretty wide array! Personally, when originally trying to decide which cloth diapers I should use, I really appreciated the opinions of other well-seasoned mothers. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to try several different kinds of diapers and covers, I’d love to share my experiences with you, too!

clovertummyThe Clover wool wrap caught my eye almost immediately when I was searching for cloth diaper supplies before Forrest was born. I read a review about it on Tiny Birds Organics and I just knew it would be amazing. Thankfully, my intuition was correct – it is, hands down, my very favorite wool wrap. I have loved using it on a newborn, and now that Forrest is so much chunkier, it’s still my go-to diaper cover.

When the wrap arrived in the mail, my first thought was that it was so scrumptiously soft. Its double-knit felted wool is extremely stretchy, which is a huge plus when dealing with a sized diaper cover. Even better, the cover accesspocketis equipped with an “access slot” which allows you to adjust the inner buttonhole elastic in the leg openings and waist! This causes the wrap to effectively function as two sizes – not just one. Considering it costs a pretty $30.95, I was happy to realize that I’d get a long life out of this cover. Not only was I excited about the range of size, but I could tell it was well made, meaning I’d be able to use it for subsequent children.

When Forrest was born, the Clover wool wrap is the first cover he ever wore. I was very impressed with how well it hugged his newborn self, and was even more pleased with the fact that it was easy to fold down as to avoid irritating his cord stump. Now that Forrest has chunked up quite a bit, I still love the way this cover fits him. Since I only have one, I try to keep it set aside for nighttime use because it has kept Forrest, me, and our bed dry even when we’ve slept for 12 consecutive hours!

cloverI am especially amazed by The Parent Shoppe (the manufacturer, who makes all their products in Columbus, Ohio) and its willingness to repair any Clover for free for the life of the cover! They don’t require proof of purchase and you don’t even have to be the original purchaser!

I highly recommend the U.S.-made Clover wool wrap – its functionality, dependability, and ease of use make it worth every penny of its price!

In case you’re not familiar with wool or why someone would use it for a cloth diaper cover, check out this article – and don’t be afraid to try it out! You won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Stephanie

    Fun to read. I’ve never had any contact with wool covers, but I liked cloth diapering, when I did it.

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