Birthday Delights

The day started with a trip to the Pancake House, followed by a trip to the bookstore where we bought three books for Jack’s gift.


After a (very short) nap that afternoon, I got started on making peanut butter-filled chocolate cupcakes (yes, I allowed him to have a real cupcake for his birthday – but to make myself feel better, I only used organic ingredients! And they were made completely from scratch! :-/). And, of course, because it was his birthday, I let Jack lick the batter off the spatula.


He was really happy about that.


And by really happy, I mean very happy.


“Show Mama what you’re eating, Jack!”


“Enjoy the sugar while you can, kid…” 🙂

Later on, family began to arrive for dinner…


Aunt Amie helped with Forrest…


And so did his great-great grandmommy Rubie!

We all ate a delicious dinner of chicken sausages, carmelized onions, corn-on-the-cob, fresh fruit salad, and rolls, and then broke out the cupcakes!


Gramps chose the most scrumptious-looking cupcake and stuck a candle in it.


We sang “Happy Birthday” to Jack, and he almost burst into tears – it was sad and hilarious all at the same time!


And then the big ol’ 2-year-old blew his candle out all by himself!


The cupcake was a huge hit…


He truly couldn’t stop smiling!


Then Daddy offered him ice cream…


He thought it looked pretty cool, but he did not want to eat it! Good boy! 😉


He was being such a goof!


Then came present time! Jack was given his very own little table with two chairs (which he sat at the entire time), three books, and some wonderful (greatly needed) Pediped sandals!


He ripped the paper like a pro…


…And he gave Ryan all the pieces he tore off!


I loved how appropriately excited he was about his gifts…his expressions were priceless.


After he finished opening his presents, Jack went to recline on the floor just like his Aunt Amie – needless to say, we thought it was cute!

Oh, what a joy it was to celebrate the second year of this boy’s life! It was so peaceful and relaxed, and I’m so glad we’ve chosen to celebrate most birthdays without big parties and the inevitable stress that accompanies them. I think Jack’s birthday turned out just right!

And of course…


…our happy boy ate this morning’s breakfast at his very own table – just because he can!



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4 responses to “Birthday Delights

  1. April Jennings

    Sounds like he had a great day! Simple is always nice. We too have kept the birthday celebrations small…mainly only family. Except we do make 1 and (so far) 5 bigger where we invite friends and have activities and food.

    I love reading your writings. You are so creative and such an encouragment. You’re a wonderful mommy!

    God bless,

  2. what a joy and delight jack is to all of us! his expressions are priceless and i love the way he loved everything except ice cream and all of us singing (rather loudly once i thought about it) to him 🙂 so glad you are writing all of this out so that we will remember it always! xo

  3. Simple birthdays are the way to go, aren’t they? We keep ours very minimal, too. Family (which is a lot of people in and of itself around here!) comes over, we share dessert (not even always a full meal with everyone), and Daniel & I have set a $30 budget for gifts.

    Like a previous commenter, though, we do some “special” birthdays. We chose 6 to be the first “friend” party– by that age our kids have made some friends. 😉 Gabriel got to plan the whole thing, which is also a great experience for a kid, including who would be invited to sit at his birthday table (his closest siblings weren’t optional guests and he was told they WOULD get 2 of the 8 place settings he was limited to!) and what the theme would be. That was fun, too, but I am glad we only do it once instead of every year. (And we certainly didn’t do much even then– a couple games, 5 friends, some simple theme decorations, etc.)

  4. Lindsey

    Awesome table! I need one of those SO bad for Eli! Eli almost burst into tears too when we sang Happy Birthday to him too! I thought he would sing along with us…I was sadly mistaken! You MUST post the recipe for those cupcakes! They look and sound delicious!!!!!!

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