In Training

babydiaperThe other night, after Jack was settled into bed, I went about my nightly tidying and came across his baby doll wrapped up in one of Jack’s own (clean!) flat diapers. I had noticed him playing with it earlier, but I hadnt realized that he was actually trying to diaper his “baby.” The doll was even pantless under there! It gave me such a giggle.

babydiaper2In the days that have followed, I’ve enjoyed watching Jack show a new kind of concern for his doll and other stuffed animals. He tries to diaper his “baby” any time he sees a load of fresh diapers sitting around, and he frequently lays his animals down to change them (which he makes obvious by whispering “poopoo” as he gently lifts their legs). What a little daddy-in-training! It makes me so proud to witness the tenderness and obvious concern he has for this simple task. More than anything, really, I realize that Jack watches us very closely and it’s so important to be setting an honorable example – even in something as seemingly insignificant as diapering.

It’s a good thing to remember.


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One response to “In Training

  1. That is so precious to read about. Thank you for sharing it. I can only imagine how it touches your heart to watch that, and imagine Jack tenderly caring for his real babies some day.

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