Living Without

Last week, Ryan and I finally decided to get rid of our microwave.

I’d been thinking about it for a while, and honestly, I knew the benefit would be two-fold – we’d be improving our health and gaining space in our modest kitchen (who can argue with that?).

Although we’ve experienced a few “…Umm, how should I warm this up?” moments, I’m so glad we did it. It’s not actually that hard to learn to live without this uber-convenient appliance. I mean, there are other ways to reheat coffee (wait, did I just admit to reheating my coffee?), or defrost chili, or make oatmeal.

After we broke up with our microwave, it got me thinking about all the things we live without because of our desire to live simply and healthfully – and more importantly, it got me thinking about how beneficial these decisions have been for our family.

Making food from scratch isn’t hard. It takes a little time to get the hang of it, but I’ve learned so much from it. Those 5 unsuccessful attempts at making bread? They taught me a lot more than how to bake bread properly (like adultsdon’tthrowtantrums and it’snottheendoftheworld). It may take longer to prepare meals, and sometimes, we may wish we could just pull something out of the freezer and eat it 15 minutes later, but the point is that we’re putting our time and effort into what nourishes our bodies. We’re making food a part of our home’s “culture” – it’s not just about filling up, it’s about nourishing body and soul (with real food, I might add).

We don’t have a TV, either. Instead, we spend our time with each other, doing something creative, or doing something productive (or all three at the same time!). Sometimes, I really wish we had a TV – but that feeling is usually only momentary and it’s almost always in response to boredom. Instead, I have found very meaningful ways to spend my time, and I doubt I would have done so if I’d been otherwise distracted.

Living without these things, among others, has made a big impact on our family. Our goal is to experience life – to squeeze all the juices out and actually live! No, our microwave didn’t keep us from living life to its fullest. But now, we have yet another reason to put heart and effort into the seemingly unimportant daily task of heating up our food. Oh, and we aren’t zapping the nutrients out of our broccoli. 😉


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One response to “Living Without

  1. Lindsey

    Ugh. I wish we didn’t have a television! You go girl! 😉 You guys are doing an awesome job!

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