The Trouble With Toys

I decided this week that Jack has too many toys.

If you came to my house and saw Jack’s toy collection, you’d probably raise your eyebrows at the sentence above, because really, it doesn’t look like he has too many toys.

He has two different bags of blocks, a small shelf of books, a stacking toy, and a hammer/peg toy. He has a basket full of stuffed animals (and a doll), a small canvas bin full of about 15 Matchbox cars, another small canvas bin full that contains egg shakers, a tambourine, a xylophone, several finger puppets, some John Deere toy tractors, and an old cell phone. He has three puzzles, a coloring book, some homemade crayons, and two balls. And a miniature red wagon. And a shovel and pail. And a wooden toy kitchen with some wooden toy food.

That’s all. I mean, it’s plenty, but it’s not overboard. That’s literally all he has. On purpose.

Unfortunately, I’ve begun to notice that every morning, he pretty much pulls everything out of its place and gets bored somewhere around 15 minutes to 1 hour after he starts playing. It makes me crazy because they’re great toys – nothing makes noise (no offense to those whose kids play with toys that make noise – I just can’t handle it!), everything requires imaginative play, and they’re mostly good quality with barely any plastic to speak of (save the John Deere tractors).

It’s becoming routine for me to step on something sharp, like a slice of wooden bell pepper, or a triangle-shaped block, pretty much every morning, afternoon, and evening. I’m tired of it.

So, this morning, I set to work weeding through Jack’s toys. I decided that he didn’t need to have access to so many of them. Instead, I’ve put more than half of them up in the hall closet. When I see that he could use a change, I will exchange some or all of the toys for some or all of the toys in the closet.

Now, my happy little boy has a small bin full of cars, two balls, a small bag full of books, a few choice stuffed animals, his xylophone, and his toy food.

Oh, and his “baby.”




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3 responses to “The Trouble With Toys

  1. Lauren

    I’m with ya! Oliver has always been really interested in books; so we have books, puzzles and a few other things out. It definitely helps with keeping the living room/ nursery clean.

  2. Great idea! We rotate toys as well. There are still too many out, though…. We really need to sort through them again.

  3. We’ve had the same problem. People frequently buy Suzi plastic battery-killer toys that make a ton of noise, and toys that aren’t safe or sturdy. In the past we’ve kept them to spare the giver’s feelings, but from now on we’re going to keep what we and Suzi enjoy and quietly get rid of the others. To get started we’re having a yard sale Saturday 🙂 She’s the first grandchild on both sides, so she’s got plenty of toys.

    I like Jack’s baby!

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