My Stash (if you can call it that)


Impressive, right?

Two whole carriers!

And technically, if you count the Nojo ring sling, I have three.

And, okay, even more technically, if you count the Baby Bjorn in my garage, I have four.

But honestly, out of all four, I wear my Zolowear ring sling and my Moby wrap the most. Actually, I never wear my Nojo or my Baby Bjorn. Actually, I’m trying to get rid of them. (Want ’em?)


My organic Moby wrap has been a lifesaver these past few weeks. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but its best feature is comfort. I wear Forrest for an average of 8 hours per day at this point, and I am so thankful for the soft, stretchy fabric and the cross-carry position that distributes his weight so well. Forrest’s body is directly against mine with no fabric in between, and I can cover him up completely if I need to. I can unload the dishwasher, do laundry, prepare meals, handwash dishes, lanolize diaper covers, pick up my living room, vacuum, change my toddler’s diaper, play with chalk on the sidewalk, and blog – all with Forrest securely attached to me!


(How about those socks with Birkenstocks, eh?)

My Zolowear ring sling has been great for short-term babywearing. If I’m going to dinner, picking up some food at Trader Joe’s, or if my wrap is in the wash, I grab the ring sling. It’s convenient to throw on and it definitely creates a nice little cocoon for my boy. Last summer, I used it to carry Jack in the hip position. It was easier for me, at that point, to carry my toddler in the ring sling as opposed to the wrap.

I love my ring sling and would love to buy more, but I always seem to have a sore shoulder if I wear it too long. I purchased it from a great store in Houston and the saleswoman even showed me how to wear it properly. I’ve gone to the Zolowear website to make sure I am still positioning it correctly – and still, the pain continues. Maybe my shoulder is the issue, and the sling simply aggravates it. Either way, I wish I could overcome it because I’d love to wear my ring sling for longer than an hour or two!


Isn’t he the cutest?

I’m definitely looking forward to adding to this humble babywearing stash of mine. I wasn’t as educated on the benefits of babywearing when Jack was younger and therefore, saw no reason to worry about creating a stash in the first place (and yeah, I kinda couldn’t afford it, anyway). Forrest, on the other hand, has been on my person almost constantly since he was born! As soon as I was feeling up to moving around and tending to light tasks, I wrapped him on, and we’ve been a happy babywearing couple ever since.

I especially hope to get an organic dark chocolate Ergo and the Theresa Free Hand mei tai, among others.

Be sure to check out Steph’s babywearing stash over at Adventures in Babywearing, along with everyone else who linked up!



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22 responses to “My Stash (if you can call it that)

  1. Well, when you do get your dream items, perhaps you can enlighten me: why would you need a mei tai AND an ergo? They seem like pretty much the same design idea to me, but maybe I’m missing something??

  2. p.s. I hope that didn’t sound, I don’t know, critical or something, because I didn’t mean it to!! It’s a question I always wonder when I see that someone owns (and wears) both types of carriers. I scratch my head and wonder why I don’t see the difference, because there must be one!

  3. Oooh! you got the zolowear one! I really wanted one of those too! I do love my mei tai carrier though! (Babyhawk), and Zann lent me her Slingling.

    The only problem I have with baby wearing is that all my babies have been pukers…they spit up during and after EVERY meal, so unless I want to be covered in it 24/7, I have protect myself, then wear them!

  4. April Jennings

    Very cute Rissa! You are so creative. I enjoyed reading your blog. I do have to say…I’ve been most impressed with the Ergo. Even for my infants. I just tuck their little feet under and put them facing me. I too struggle with shoulder (and neck) pain if I wear a sling. I’m curious about the Moby Wrap. It seems to distrubute the weight nicely through the back.

  5. mamarissa

    @Danica: I have to admit, since I’ve never owned either of them, the appeal for me is style, practicality, and also, suggestions from others. From what I’ve heard, the mei tai is a bit more of a strain on the back than the Ergo, but the mei tai is pretty and since some sites let you design your own, you can make it coordinate with what you wear…you know, it’s just fun to do things like that! I really want an Ergo for long-term wearing…like days down by the beach for shopping, doing lunch, and visiting the farmers market, or for while I’m doing housework, or whatever. I also want it for Ryan to be able to carry Forrest (if the situation calls for it, even Jack)…Ergos are a little more dad-friendly, from what I can tell. Honestly, along with the practical aspects, I just like trying new things, matching my carriers to my clothes, etc, etc. So I’m saving up for both! That’s a really ridiculously explanation-heavy response, but there you go! 😉

    @Camille: Jack was a spitter and so is Forrest – I just lay a burp cloth across my chest where their heads are, and it usually catches everything! 😉 Hehe! Hey, maybe when we get together, you can bring your BabyHawk along so I can see what it’s like! What do you think?

    @April: Thanks!! I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m glad to hear that you love the Ergo as well. I love the idea of pretty carriers, but I know I need something for when I’m planning on wearing one of the kids for a while! I think you’d like the Moby! I’ve found that it works great with Forrest – he’s so snuggled up in there and he really seems comfy. As far as I can see, I think it distributes weight similarly to the Ergo, but it just takes longer to put on! I put mine on in the morning and don’t take it off till the evening – it makes the tying thing less annoying. 🙂 Also, if you want to buy one in person instead of online (so you can actually see it before you buy it) they sell them at Bergstrom’s in Anaheim! Just FYI 🙂

    • Camille

      Yeah, you bring yours and we’ll have a babywearing fashion show! Lets plan something soon? I need to give you that book!
      OH OH…what is the nursing pillow you bought? I’ve always loved the boppy, but it is feeling too small these days!

  6. My friend loves her Moby. I got all tangled up in it. She’s promised to let me try again soon. But then I would just want one…

  7. I really want to try a wrap for the next baby (whenever that happens to be!)

  8. Awww…your little one in the Moby is so cute!!! 🙂 Thanks for the comment on my stash! 🙂 I’ve never thought the ring sling was super comfortable for long periods either- for me, it’s my shoulder & opposite side of my back that it digs into somehow. But, yeah, the wrap is so much more comfortable, and I have a Patapum, which is kind of like an Ergo, and I love it, too. 🙂

  9. I just have to start out with I wear socks with my birks all the time when its cooler here. It may not be the coolest but it sure is comfy.

    You and your boy look so sweet in your pictures.

    My daughter didn’t like the Moby when she was newborn, but I think that might have been my fault. It was either wrapped to tight or loose, it never felt right. She’s 5.5 months old now and likes it much better.

  10. I have the sore shoulder issue also with my ring sling. 😦 For me, it has something to do with the area where the sling is gathered and folds out across the shoulder. I just can’t ever seem to get it perfect.

  11. My Tebow loves the wrap and snuggles down to sleep when I put him in it. He’s almost 4 months old. I too want an Ergo, but they don’t sell the color I want anymore, so I’m searching ebay and crossing my fingers.

  12. I find that if I wear the ring sling for too long it hurts my shoulder, too. For bigger babies or longer wearing I think two shoulder carriers are the best. So I don’t think it’s your problem, I think it’s just a problem with the single shoulder.

  13. I have the baby hawk but really really want the Ergo also. A lot of it is for style but also because I think it would be a lot quicker to snap on the ergo for short and long trips. Putting on the baby hawk can be annoying sometimes. I would love to try the moby. Forrest looks so content! He is a cutie!!!!

  14. i think there is always that fave…..

  15. I’ve only tried a ring sling once or twice and never really got the hang of it. I have a pouch sling that I use for easy in and out. And I have the Moby which I absolutely love. I am so sad now thinking of all the time I did not wear my oldest (all I had then was a snugli and I found it terribly uncomfortable). I too would love an Ergo and a mai tei and I have been hearing great things about the becco so I might want to try that too. It is becoming an addiction for me I think. 🙂

  16. I’ve wanted an ergo for so long now (I have 2 Moby wraps– well, they’re actually knock-offs someone made me, but they’re the same thing, really!) and am saving up to actually get one for this new baby! I, too, love the fact that it will work for older babies (Aubrey, in our case) when need be. I can’t wait to get it!

  17. I love your wrap photo! Actually a bit jealous… I should have worn my newborn more like that!!!


  18. Lindsey

    You should check out she sells really great “Sugar Tais” similar to the mei tai! It’s one of my friends from Atlanta that makes them! Anyways…I too am hoping to get the Ergo! My 18.5 lb 6 month old is getting a bit heavy in the dreaded Baby Bjorn! And is too big for the sling 🙂

    You look fabulous!

  19. Stephanie

    I can’t use a sling anymore because it really messes up the nerves in my neck and causes problems, but I used to have a Hotsling pouch sling that I adored. It was so quick and easy for in and out at the store or church. I loved that thing.
    I have a denim Ergo. It sure isn’t much to look at, but I can wear the baby for hours in it. If I were creative, I would LOVE to handpaint a beautiful design on it. I have a mei tai, but once Jesse was about one, he was just too heavy to wear comfortably anymore. Maybe padded straps would help. It was an option we didn’t get. It certainly is better looking than the Ergo, though. Both have that all important back carry possibility so that I can cook safely while wearing them. I am dying to try a wrap.
    I have found free patterns and instructions on the internet for sewing your own pouch sling, mei tai, wrap, etc. So that is a cheaper way to get your stash to grow and get fabrics you love, if you are gifted that way.

  20. I love my pouches (I have 4 or 5!), but I need to try a ring sling again. I’ve experimented with a few and never found the right fit. What is the Nojo? Why is it different than your Zolowear?

  21. I love your stash. I love your wrap. I am hoping to get one if we are blessed again.

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