Mama Chronicles

One day, I’m going to look back on this and I will be so grateful that I took the time to document my life as a wife and mama. I’ll probably be amazed at how elementary it was (because surely we will technology will advance greatly in very little time) yet there will be a sort of charm to it all. I look forward to that day.

Right now, I have to remind myself to take the time to pour out my heart. It’s easy to discount the small victories, the day-to-day happenings and even the struggles. But these are what make up my life! Each diaper changed, each meal prepared, each embrace given, each cushion straightened – they are all different ways of loving and serving my family and I don’t want to forget. My boys may never recall the specifics of these early days, but they’ll know in their hearts that they were loved. My husband may not recall the details of each meal I ever make him, but he’ll know that he was loved (and well-fed!).

I’ve spent the last two days with my Moby wrap on – Forrest has only come out of it to nurse, receive fresh diapers, and for fussy time. I’ve tended to Jack, prepared meals, done laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, done the dishes, and blogged with Forrest tied to me. I’ve completed tasks that I’d never be able to do if it weren’t for this blessed thing called babywearing. My thighs hurt from squatting. My heart feels just right.

Several times today, Jack’s disobedience has nearly brought me to tears. He’s hard right now. Very hard. I’m trying to remember, as I address each situation, that these difficult times of training will, one day, produce a godly, respectful man. I know it’s worth it. Even though it feels like Jack will be the end of me, I have to keep in mind that God gave Jack to me. He specifically intended for me to mother this little guy, and that means he’ll be faithful to equip me with all the necessary tools. How easily I forget.

I’m adjusting. I’ll probably always be adjusting. But I’m glad – because I don’t ever want to stop learning.



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6 responses to “Mama Chronicles

  1. mamarissa

    Dear Our Life with Two Boys,
    I accidentally deleted your comment and I am so sorry! I was using my phone to approve your comment and my finger brushed across the delete button!
    Feel free to repost it, and please know that it was unintended! I really appreciated what you had to say. I tried to visit your blog to contact you there but it’s only open to invited readers.
    Thanks so much for coming by!
    Mama Rissa

  2. I’m here to offer some encouragement (I hope). With four kids, I have experienced that dynamic of a toddler and a newborn three times. I will say that each time, my toddler (no matter how well behaved) will test the boundaries, knowing I am preoccupied. It isn’t sibling rivalry because it is not directed toward the baby. It is pure disobedience. I’m a cryer anyway so there are many tears on my part.

    But you’ve hit the nail on the head! Be consistent now and the rewards are amazing. Not only will you have a Godly man– you will have a Godly boy, a Godly teen…you will see results before manhood!

  3. Lindsey

    I am thankful to know my near 2 year old isn’t the only one that is making his Mama pray and ask the Lord for patience and peace. ALL DAY LONG. Eli is so HARD. I seriously disciplined him in some way shape or form, at least 30 times today. And I am probably under-exaggerating.

    All that to say…you are not alone. And thank you for the reminder of God gave him to ME and knows that I am capable of raising a godly, respectful man (even if it make me feels like I am going to bang my head into the wall at any moment)!

    You are awesome! And do you like the Moby Wrap better than the Ergo Baby?

  4. I think our days look a lot alike! I so often forget amidst our busy, discipline laden days that the big picture and hope is that he will turn out to be a godly man. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. ha, no worries! i can’t remember exactly what i said, but i do believe it was in the vein of appreciating the reminder that while my toddler challenges me, he’s in my life for a reason and i should honour that… so thank you!

    ps: if you want an invite to my blog, you can email me at ourlifewithtwoboys at gmail dot com… 🙂

  6. mamarissa

    @Linds: I haven’t tried an Ergo yet, but I’m planning to buy one! I’ve heard so many great reviews, and my friend (and neighbor) Allie has one – she loves it. I saw you tried one while you were in OR – I can tell you liked it 🙂 I love my Moby because it’s comfy and cozy for Forrest, but I never really loved carrying Jack in it when he was older. I think the Moby is good when you plan on wearing your baby alllll daaayyy lonnnggg like I wear Forrest right now, but as they get older, the whole wrapping thing gets annoying sometimes. I know I’m going to want something that’s easier to put on. Hence, my desire for an Ergo! 🙂

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