Birthday Bird

This past weekend, I wracked my brain for any and all artistic knowledge that might be tucked away in my brain – and I painted my mom a picture for her 49th birthday. I haven’t painted in quite some time, and it felt so good. There’s something very refreshing about standing at my easel with a palette full of vibrant paints. As I work, the picture suddenly comes to life and it all begins to make sense. I can’t make sense out of many things in life, but painting? I get it!




Ryan insisted that he take a picture, and of course, who doesn’t like to see an example of real-life babywearing in action? 🙂


The finished product!

The finished product!

My mom and I love orioles. Whenever I see these birds, I am always struck by how gorgeous they are – and I marvel at the Artist who created them in the first place. What a perfect choice for a Birthday Bird.

Happy birthday, Mom.



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5 responses to “Birthday Bird

  1. eileen

    I love the bird! Amazing how many artists & singers we have in our family… really need to get therm all together some day..

  2. Stephanie

    Pretty! I like your blog’s new look, too.

  3. That is awesome!!!!

    And regarding your mei tai or ergo comment… tell me what you would use it for most. I tend to say get the mei tai first, plus it’s probably cheaper?


  4. Beautiful! The oriole is our state bird, so how cool!

  5. Are you available for hire?

    Seriously! My girls room is supposed to be a bird theme, but it’s still lacking birds! (I have an obsession with birds, and seriously, it started from your mom many moons ago!)

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