Keeping You In the Loop

This week was a special week. We celebrated our three-year anniversary on Wednesday and were able to take a little vacation for a couple of days. We stayed at a nice, tucked away resort in the desert and enjoyed lots of poolside relaxation. Jack stayed with my parents and did so well. We’ve never left him for longer than overnight, and usually we’d put him to bed and then pick him up early the next morning. It was a bit hard for me to leave him for so long, but he made it through (of course)!


I woke up to these on Wednesday, along with a sweet card, a hot cup of black coffee, and a Gap giftcard!


It was really, really hot in the desert. On Thursday, it was about 95 degrees at midday, and we really couldn’t spend much time outside without being in the water. There was a big pool and, even better – a lazy river. We thoroughly enjoyed them both. πŸ™‚

As of Friday, I am officially 38 weeks pregnant. I only made it to 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant with Jack, and of course that makes me feel like I should be having this baby within the next 4 days, but I know it doesn’t always work that way! I’ve really been trying to be patient…some days, I do really well. Other days…well, my emotions get a bit stronger, my aches get a bit more noticeable, and my belly sticks out a little further. Those are not easy days. All in all, however, I know I’ll make it through. The Lord has already chosen Forrest’s birth day, and all I need to do is take care of myself, my family, and my home. He’ll orchestrate the timing.

I’m occasionally tempted to take matters into my own hands. Of course, there are things I’ve done that may or may not help labor to begin, but I have decided against taking any drastic measures because honestly – if it’s not time for him to come, why put myself through the stress? I really want to do this right. I want to enjoy these last days with Jack as my only child, and I want to know that I spent my time resting, not rushing.


The good thing is – Forrest has to come out. At some point, he will be here. There aren’t any other options! πŸ™‚

I have sort of lost a lot of motivation to do things like cook elaborate meals. Right now, meals like homemade pizza, crockpot chili, lasagna, pasta and marinara, and PB&Js seem doable – but anything else? Sauteing? Roasting? Mixing and chopping and measuring oodles of ingredients? No…I don’t really think so. I’ve decided there are plenty of healthy, simple meals to be made and I better take advantage of them now. I find great joy in creating beautiful meals, but my body can’t keep up. Oh well.

I am so grateful for my husband who has been very helpful with Jack, and has also been very willing to massage my sore feet, back, and legs, make breakfast quite often, run to the store, and even make the bed or help bring in the laundry. Today, he’s helped to clean and organize items to sell on the internet, and he even let me sleep in a few extra hours.




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4 responses to “Keeping You In the Loop

  1. I know you already know this sort of thing happens, but it’s true: my second was born at 42+ weeks. She holds the record for the longest pregnancy– and, not surprisingly, the biggest birth weight. But she ALSO (and more importantly!) holds the record for my quickest, simplest, and most contented delivery. If I could do her birth over and over again, I wouldn’t think twice about signing up for 12 more kids! πŸ™‚

    All that to say, keep trying to focus on HIS timing. He’s got the perfect plan for your family and knows every detail of your lives even better than you do. Your plan to enjoy Jack and this time with him that will never again be repeated is a GREAT plan.

    And don’t worry about the meals. I find that the seasons I go through of needing simplicity often do end up being our healthiest and also our most frugal, if not the most adventurous and ambitious. πŸ™‚

  2. After three kids, I’ve come to the conclusion that babies come when they are ready! And, the baby I tried the hardest to get to come was the one who was eight days late. It’s so hard to be patient in the last weeks, hang in there!

  3. I’d like to echo Brietta’s comment. My 3rd baby was born at 15 days past his EDD. He came when he was ready, and the birth was the fastest (although still 8 hours or so). I also had my easiest recovery, and he was perfect. I know it can be hard to wait (believe me!!) but in my opinion, it’s so worth it.

    Also, you look beautiful!

  4. Enjoy the final days…enjoy the birth…enjoy the new days with a new baby! Enjoy God’s timing in it all! Easier said than done, but so worth the effort!

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