You didn’t know this before you read it.

I figured I could afford to give a bit of an update on “things.” There’s too much on my mind to do one post focused on a single subject!

. So, we’ve made lots of progress in the Sleep Department. Jack has been in his bed (a mattress on the floor with a guard rail on the side) for several weeks now. At first, we were putting him to sleep by either laying with him or sitting next to him. We realized that this wasn’t going to work because he was falling asleep with us and then, any time he’d awaken, he would wonder where we were…leading him to search for us. Every…single..time…he woke up. We were experiencing quite a few visits from him each night, and it just wasn’t working. I realized that he’d only stop looking for us when he understood a couple of things: first, that we aren’t involved in the final act of falling asleep, and second, that he isn’t allowed to get out of bed simply because he is able to get out of bed. Now, this approach obviously doesn’t work as easily for all children, but Jack is very trusting with us because we’ve been very careful with how we go about “weaning” him from certain comforts. He responded almost immediately to the adjustments we made. Basically, we began to simply read to him, say goodnight, pray over him, sing a lullaby or two, and leave the room. Each time he tried to come out, we took him back into his room, laid him down, and reminded him that he simply must stay put. We got progressively more serious, or we disciplined, the more he got up. At this point, he comes into our room maybe once in the middle of the night, and Ryan just walks him back to his bed and tells him that that’s where he sleeps. For the last several days, Jack hasn’t tried to get up once during his naptime. He’s been sleeping longer and  just seems to be adjusting well. I’m so glad!

. I am now 36 weeks pregnant (!). How did that happen?! 36wksI can’t believe we’re here already. I read a couple of 36 week pregnancy articles this morning, and it makes me laugh to think that I’m actually going to have to start paying attention to possible labor onset and such. I made a list of things to do and buy within the next week or so, and it really made me realize how very close I am. I’m to the point where I need to have food ready just in case! I mean, Lord willing, I won’t go into labor until after 37 weeks, but considering that the 37 week mark is only 7 days away, I should get crackin’! I need to make more bread, another double batch of granola, some meat marinara sauce for the freezer, a lasagna for the freezer, and…well, you get the idea. I also need to stock up on things like SmartWater, orange juice, and during/after-labor food. Physically, I am experiencing some interesting sensations – namely, sciatic nerve issues! I can’t believe how strange and awkward it feels! I feel like I’m being zapped in my leg and bladder! Other than that, I just feel full of baby. When I walk, it seems like he’s going to fall out if I don’t squeeze my muscles together. His movements are so strong and forceful, and he often makes me gasp with surprise. I just can’t really get used to all the grinding on my hip and rib – as hard as I try! I’m looking forward to these last few weeks of preparation. I love the calm that comes with the arrival of a new baby and I seem to spend a lot of time imagining it right now. I can’t wait to hide out here at home, loving on a new little soul, watching Jack adjust as a big brother, and witnessing my amazing husband as he welcomes his new son. It’s going to be beautiful.

. The weather forecast is predicting a high of 90 degrees here on Sunday. Madness! I don’t know whether I should laugh or shake my head. California…what’s up with that?! It is April, you know!

. In case you were randomly wondering, you can use organic sugar for your hummingbird nectar solution, even if it comes out looking like this (see picture). They will still hummingbirdcome! I was originally very put off by the color, considering my nectar has always been clear (as a result of refined, conventional sugar which I no longer buy) but I’ve seen a hummingbird on my feeder at least 6 times today so far! The feeder is located right outside of our main front window and I love watching when the birds come. Jack especially loves it, now that he’s aware of what birds are, and he’s been trying to say “tweet” (although it sounds more like “tweht”). 🙂 I’m hoping to hang some other hummingbird-friendly plants on the same part of my roof…I just love watching the swarms of birds enjoying themselves. Last year, there were times when I had 6 birds on the feeder at the same time! If you’ve got any experience with hummingbirds, you know that they are not quick to share their space. I was overjoyed to see so many of them together at the same time. Oh, the simple things in life!

. I had a very interesting (read: bad) experience at a La Leche League meeting this past Wednesday. I don’t plan on going back – at least not to that particular group. 

. I’ve been developing a lot of opinions on child training and discipline. I’ve read many parenting books, websites, etc including two from very different authors – Dr. Sears and John Rosemond (they couldn’t be more opposite!). In all of that I’ve read, nothing ever seemed to sit exactly right with me. I do believe there are some good parenting books out there (Katie has often referenced a book that sounds wonderful), but my favorite resource for discipline has been over at Raising Godly Tomatoes. We’re in the throes of a very important process of discipline. Jack is regularly testing boundaries, although he is very aware of those boundaries and knows that he must ultimately obey. I’ve found that Elizabeth’s advice is extremely helpful. I’ve employed many of her methods and the progress is amazing. I highly recommend visiting her site and reading through her online book.

That’s all for now!


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  1. Lindsey

    I just looked that book up (Hints on Training A Child) and I’d love to hear if it’s worth finding at the local library or not (not sure they’d have it here in this tiny, tiny town)! Happy to know all that’s going on in your life! You look absolutely amazing!!

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