I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this, but several months ago, I decided to change the direction of my blog.

For a while there, I felt the Lord strongly leading me to write on very specific topics. I had a lot to say and share. You could say I was feeling very opinionated. I had clear, concise thoughts about parenting, marriage, standards of living, etc, and it felt wrong to not voice them. I’m really glad I did because I received a lot of positive feedback, whether in comment or email form, from many of my readers. I’m very thankful that I took the time to let those posts form. I was nervous to post some of them, but I know now that they were each important and helpful in their own way.

Several months ago, however, I was thinking about taking my blog a bit more seriously. I was spending more time researching topics of interest because I wanted to be sure to present a level-headed approach, taking all things into account. I wanted to keep up with everyone and address controversial comments. I wanted to continue to create a blog that would make people think about why they do what they do, and change for the better – or simply feel encouraged and continue to press on in what they’re already doing. My hopes were high.

At some point during this process, however, I felt convicted. I began to realize that I might come across as a know-it-all. Of course – I don’t know it all. I’m a 22-year-old mother of a 21-month-old boy with another on the way. I’ve been married three (amazing, albeit short) years. I love my life, but I don’t have all the answers. I believe that the Lord speaks, and I still believe that he wanted me to write those posts back then, but I have entered a new season. I know how to take care of one child – but two? I’m not sure how that looks yet, although I look forward to it! I am dealing with issues like potty training, “big boy” beds, child training, managing my family’s budget, and providing healthy foods within my home. Honestly, I know what I think these things should look like, but I am constantly amazed at the lessons I’m learning! I have so far to go!

I do still want to be open to writing about important things. I still want to uplift and encourage. I definitely still want to dare to approach the controversial and unfamiliar. I believe in a good, healthy challenge and Lord knows my heart is open to his direction. As much as I don’t want to come off as a know-it-all, I also want to be willing to recognize where I’ve been given wisdom. I’m praying about that right now. I’m specifically asking that God would open my eyes to how he can use me for his glory via my blog.

I feel like I’ve mostly rambled so far, but I really just wanted to share my heart with you. You may or may not have noticed the change here, but regardless, I want you to know what it’s about and what’s going on. I thank you all for reading, for commenting, and for the occasional linking! I love writing and truly find peace in allowing words to flow from my fingertips. Regardless of what I write about, it’s just nice to know there are people out there, reading and enjoying what I have to say.


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