34 feels different…

I don’t know why, but being 34 weeks pregnant just feels different (mentally speaking). I feel further along (that might sound ridiculous, because, well, I am further along – but try to track with me here!). I’m only 2 weeks from being 36 weeks pregnant. I’ve only got 6 weeks till my due date. It just seems more advanced.

During lunch today, Ryan and I decided that we feel pretty prepared. There’s still plenty more to do until he comes, but I feel like my heart is ready for him (although I do want him to stay put until he’s ready). I’m glad for this because for a while, I was worried that I’d be too frazzled to ever feel emotionally prepared. I’m grateful for the peace I’ve been given, but I’m realizing that I’ll have to battle impatience pretty soon here. πŸ™‚

34wksWe had a refresher birth class here on Wednesday (with one more to go scheduled for next Wednesday) and it was so great for me to process through all the “birth stuff.” I didn’t realize I had so many questions, such as, “If my water doesn’t break at the onset of labor this time, how is it again that I’m to know I’m for sure in labor?” or “How do you calculate how far apart contractions are?” You get the idea! I assumed I would be able to remember these things, but any of you who are or have been pregnant know that “pregnancy brain” is powerful and real! I feel like I forget everything right now!

I now have a few goals for the next couple of weeks:

– Identify any issues that may distract me during labor and deal with them (such as emotional issues or conflicts, or the fact that I really want my shower scrubbed from top to bottom before Forrest arrives, etc)
– Help Ryan to learn where I carry my stress and tension (physically) and equip him with the information he needs to massage me and comfort me while I’m in labor (without having to ask) per our birth class instructor’s orders
– Cook up some easy food items or meals to freeze for during and after labor nourishment (for the whole birth team) such as lasagna, muffins, waffles, etc (depending on time of day)
– Purchase our homebirth kit

That’s all I can think of right now, but that seems like enough for now!



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2 responses to “34 feels different…

  1. πŸ™‚ ADORABLE baby belly! πŸ™‚ I found your site searching for a midwife (in Houston) to do my prenatal care.. and came across your blog.

    Are you going with an unassisted birth this go’round? Our third was an unassisted birth and it was wonderful (seeking to do the same this time as well).

  2. Amanda McCoy

    I love reading your blog and your pregnancy updates. We are 41.2 weeks currently. Ryan told Brandon that our boy must be on the “extended stay program”. Ha! I loved it! I am trying to wait in patience for our little one. It has been tough but I do feel like God has purposed this time out of sorts for many reasons. I have been off work for 2 weeks now so Brandon and I have spent alot of time together and I feel like God has called me to pray for several people. This time has been a bit of a selah for me before the baby arrives. But I wanted to tell you about some herbs that my midwife had me buy for postpartum recovery. They are red raspberry leaf (I drink this during pregnancy), comfrey leaf, and shepherds purse. I will drink these teas each day for about a week after the birth. Red raspberry is to balance out hormones and the other 2 help with tissue and cell regeneration as well as the healing of the wound from the placenta. I hope this is helpful! Take care! Amanda Mccoy

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