crackersToday marks my first attempt at making crackers, and I’m delighted with the results!

I found the recipe through Mindy’s post on crackers, opting for the first recipe she ever made (considering it’s her family’s favorite!).

For a few days, I kept forgetting to set the butter out so it could soften. Finally, I remembered to do it after dinner last night. By the time we were ready for bed, the butter was soft and I quickly whipped up the dough. I covered it with a dishtowel, placed it in a cold oven with the light on, and let it “soak” until midmorning today. I was finished baking the crackers by lunchtime, and Ryan, Jack and I couldn’t get enough! Jack’s lunch was full of crackers, cheese, and apple slices. He scarfed those crackers down like nobody’s business!

I highly recommend this recipe. For some reason, I was super intimidated by the thought of making crackers – although I had no idea what it entailed. I kid you not – the prep work (that I did last night) took me all of 10 minutes. The rest of the work, done this morning, involved rolling out dough, cutting it into squares, pricking the squares, and baking them until golden (8-12 minutes). It was so easy!

This is yet another recipe that will help us in our pursuit of healthy eating on a budget. I’m so grateful to know about it!


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