Gearing Up

Here’s one for all you homebirthers!

I’m gearing up for Forrest’s arrival. My midwife has asked me to purchase a $30 birth kit which includes random necessary items (such as a big plastic sheet to place under our regular sheets on the bed [if I should choose to give birth there instead of the birthing pool], a cord clamp, etc). I know the basics of what I’ll need simply because I gave birth to Jack in a birth center that was very similar to a home setting, but I find myself wondering if there’s anything else I’m going to need or wish I had.

I’ve got a bag of herbal sitz bath. I need to buy one of those toilet seat sitz bath holder things (you know what I mean??). I have a peri bottle (sorry, guys). I have plenty of towels. I’ve washed and folded all the newborn clothes I’ll need. I have olive oil to slather on Forrest’s bum to make meconium removal a breeze. We’re hoping to get our cloth diapers, covers, and new Snappis in the next few weeks. 

What other supplies might I need for a homebirth? Suggestions, please!



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2 responses to “Gearing Up

  1. Let’s see…

    A big garbage can in the birth room, extra garbage bags… A new (clean!) fine mesh strainer… a big bowl for the placenta. Extra towels. Bleach, liquid hand soap. Snacks (for you & the birth team as well).

    That’s what I can remember from the list my midwife gave me last year. We also enjoyed: a lavender-scented candle, a CD with special songs on it, fruit smoothies to keep up my strength, a birthing ball (before I got into the tub, anyway). In two of my three labors I vomited during transition (aren’t you glad to know that?) and so I always keep a bucket or something nearby just in case. Also, breath mints!!

    I know there was more, but I can’t remember at the moment. I’ll let you know if I think of it.

  2. Lindsey

    I didn’t have a home birth but…my BFF who is a doula always has peppermint oil on hand because it helps with nausea if you start to feel nauseous and also other oils to put on cotton balls and just place around the Mom so she doesn’t get nauseated…hmm…lots of nauseated talk here! Sorry! Just a thought! BTW-you look amazing!

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