The calendar says, “33!” but I’m not so sure.

33wksSo, I’m 33 weeks today. Personally, I see quite a bit of growth when I compare this week’s picture to last week’s! Forrest feels much bigger, too. A couple of times today, he moved so quickly and stretched himself out so much that it actually stopped me in my tracks – ouch!

My due date is May 15th, and although I realize I could easily make it until then, I have this serious impression that he may come early. I can’t seem to shake it! Of course, I may be completely wrong. Have I mentioned this before? I don’t really feel like checking my previous posts – if I have said it before, I’m sorry. I’m forgetful these days. 🙂

We’re going away (well, sort of – 40 minutes away) for our anniversary at the end of April (the 29th, to be exact). We’ll be gone two nights and although Jack has spent the night at my parents’ house before, we always pick him up early the next morning…so, this will feel quite different. Anyway, I feel the intense need to be completely prepared for Forrest’s arrival by the time our anniversary comes. For some reason, I have this mental image of us rushing home from the resort because I’m in labor! I don’t want to completely dismiss the possibility, especially since Jack was born early, but I won’t get my hopes up, either. We’ll just have to see.33weeks2

Does/did anyone else receive the weekly pregnancy updates from Babycenter? Man, those things are ridiculous! Today, part of my update said, “Your baby is losing that alien look…” What? I mean…I know they look alien-ish sometimes but what a random thing to tell me in an update. I think I just need to cancel that subscription – I don’t ever seem to glean anything useful from it, anyhow.

Well, that’s all for now. I am going to write a new crafty post soon – I got creative and made something cute! I’m really excited to share! 🙂


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