This morning, when we heard Jack awaken through the monitor at 6:45am, I asked Ryan to take care of him and let me sleep for a little while. I felt like I’d been half awake all night experiencing braxton-hicks contractions. I was so uncomfortable! It wasn’t painful, but I definitely didn’t sleep well. After he got up, I assumed I might sleep for an hour longer, but I didn’t awake again until 9:30! I must have been pretty tired. I can rarely sleep that late.

We had been planning to go to the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh eggs, so we headed out there around 11. We are so grateful that it’s just a 5 minute walk away from our apartment. I have got to tell you – going to the farmer’s market has become one of my most favorite outings. It makes me so happy to see such beautiful produce, colorful flowers, and homemade items. The smell of the kettle corn is intoxicating, and much to Jack’s delight, there are usually dogs everywhere. This time, there was a woman with a Cockatoo, and when Ryan took Jack up to see it, the bird said, “Hello!” Jack definitely got a kick out of that.

We found our fresh eggs, as well as a bunch of gorgeous red strawberries, beautiful tomatoes, and some amazing ranunculus for the kitchen table. We also bought handmade tamales, salsa, pita chips, fire-roasted pepper hummus, and marinated kalamata olives. Before we left, we decided to go ahead and buy a couple small bags of kettle corn, too. Tonight, some dear friends are flying in to stay at our house for 6 days, and we’re really excited to share some of the great food we bought!

I couldn’t deny how giddy I felt as we walked home. I am telling you, I felt like I’d just come home from the best date ever! Jack was in a happy mood the whole time, Ryan pushed the stroller along cheerfully, and the weather was perfect – high 70’s with a slight, cool breeze.

We came home and steamed our tamales to perfection, shared some kettle corn, and enjoyed a few strawberries. Now, Jack’s down for his nap, Ryan’s working on music in his studio, and I’m waiting for my bread dough to rise. I plan to make cinnamon-raisin bread for breakfast toast. I can’t wait to taste the end result!

I am especially excited for next week, because there’s also a stand that’s selling garden sprouts. They have baby lettuce starts (pinch and grow, so you can pinch them off and they always grow back!) and my front planter has the perfect sun/shade mixture for them! I’m planning on prepping my garden bed this week so that I can go back and get them…and even better, I got some advice on how to keep cats out of my garden beds – sprinkle the soil with cayenne pepper! Hopefully that doesn’t sound cruel. It’s just that we have so many stray cats in our neighborhood and they all like to use my planters for their litter box. It’s really gross, especially considering the fact that I want to eat what’s in my garden.

That’s all for now! I need to get back to my bread…I just wanted to share about our lovely day. 🙂


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