Memory Lane

I may have posted some of these pictures a long time ago, but I was flipping through iPhoto this evening and a few of them especially caught my eye.


This picture actually caused tears to spring into my eyes. Jack was so little then – I believe he was 4 months old – and already, such a sweet bond had formed between him and Ryan. I feel so blessed to have caught this beautiful moment on camera. Especially when I compare it to this picture…


A year and several months later, look who is tickling who! They have such a fun time together…what a joy for me to sit back and watch them laugh, play, scream, and chase. It melts my mother-heart!


Okay…seriously? Do I need to say anything about this one??


Or this one?


Or this one?!

I giggled my way through my entire photo library, mentally reliving the early days with Jack. I still can’t believe he’ll be 2 this July. Where does the time go? I love who he is. And honestly, remembering these sweet, chubby-faced moments only make me more grateful that God has seen fit to bless us with another.

Life is good.



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3 responses to “Memory Lane

  1. What wonderful photos! Love those cheeks, I just want to squeeze them. I hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Great photos! I’ve been doing the same thing… and oh my mommy heart!! I got out Gabriel’s newborn clothes today in case this new one is a boy… and boy did it bring back those memories! You have such a cute little boy!! Sweet kissable little cheeks and those nursy lips!!

  3. Can’t believe those cheeks! How cute!

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