His Name


27 weeks and 1 day pregnant!

27 weeks and 1 day pregnant!

I should have known that I’d be asked to reveal our boy’s name after posting that we’d decided on one! 😉 Truthfully, I don’t mind at all. I’m very proud of his unique name and I love the idea of sharing it!

We’ve decided to name our second son Forrest Truman, after two different men in my mother’s family.

We have spent a rather long time on this name journey, and actually, chose names a couple of times before deciding on Forrest. It was so strange, but even after thinking we’d settled on other names that we’ve always loved, I just didn’t feel right about them. I felt reluctant to call him any of those names, and I didn’t really want to share them with anyone or teach them to Jack. Each time, Ryan and I realized that perhaps, we needed to wait a little longer until we decided officially. 

A few weeks ago, I had spent quite some time considering this baby and what his name would be. Our more recent choice of name still wasn’t sitting right with me, and I couldn’t shake the fact that I had always loved the name Forrest Truman. My great-grandfather’s name was Forrest (and it’s also my brother’s middle name), and Truman was the original Dempsey’s middle name (Jack’s middle name is Dempsey…and Dempsey is also my grandfather’s first name…confused yet?). The only problem with that name? Ryan never liked it. I’d brought it up so many times before, and he always said it just didn’t work for him. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I should pray about it. A novel idea, right? 🙂 So, I told the Lord that I loved that name, and if it was meant for our baby, I asked him to make it very clear to Ryan by settling his heart on it. If it wasn’t meant for our baby, I asked him to simply break the attachment I felt to it.

Well, the next morning, I spoke to Ryan about it. I told him our previously decided-upon name didn’t feel right anymore and he immediately agreed. He asked if there was a name I’d prefer, and I quietly explained that yes, actually, and it wasn’t a name he really liked. I told him, and what do you think his response was? “I really like that name, actually. Let’s name him that. That’s the name.” I just laughed out loud! Seriously? Seriously, Lord? I was so bewildered by Ryan’s sudden change of heart, and all I could do was shake my head and smile. Apparently, this baby is supposed to be named Forrest Truman!

Choosing a name for my child feels like such an amazing honor. We get to choose what this human being will be called (most likely) for the rest of his life. It’s a very weighty decision and I don’t take it lightly! That morning, when Ryan agreed to naming our son Forrest, my heart became settled. There’s something very meaningful about knowing that God made his intentions clear. My heart overflows with thankfulness – for God’s direction, for another little boy, and for a husband who is open to what the Lord has to say.



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2 responses to “His Name

  1. I LOVE IT!!! It’s so cool how God works and moves. There is SO much in a name, and this one’s good!

    (And yes, we’ll be at breakout!)

  2. I love unique names! We have three children, and our daughter, Jadalynn, is really the only one with an unusual name. But, I remember praying a similar prayer when we couldn’t agree on a name for her. In the end, my husband let me pick b/c he didn’t like anything:) I can’t count how many people have told me that she fits her name very well… of course she does, God picked it for her!

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