About Juggling Two

I have been blessed to come across many different blogs (or simply in-person conversations) addressing many of the issues mothers face when transitioning from one to two children. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel very peaceful about our new boy’s arrival. I don’t have a lot of anxiety and I’m not very concerned about being able to share my love with another child. I’ve thought a lot, and presently, there’s only one issue that’s sticking out in my mind.


It seems so trivial, but as I’ve considered what it will be like to juggle two little ones while I shower, I’m just not sure how it’s supposed to look! Jack is still too young to be left alone unless he’s napping. So…I could wait until he’s napping and then just lay the baby in the bassinet by the door of the bathroom (or bring him in the shower with me), but it doesn’t seem practical, considering Jack doesn’t nap until mid-afternoon anyway. If Ryan is home, he can obviously help, but I cannot base my showers around Ryan’s unpredictable schedule.

At this point, I shower early in the morning before I get Jack out of bed. It’s possible that it could continue to work this way even after the baby comes, but we’re in the middle of the long, drawn-out process of transitioning Jack to a mattress on the floor (currently, he sleeps in the pack-n-play because we don’t have a crib). Once Jack begins to regularly sleep on the mattress, I won’t feel comfortable leaving him in his room (if he’s awake) while I shower. He’s getting so good at opening doors and I just don’t feel right about leaving him unattended.

The only possible solution I’ve come up with is to start showering at night. I’ve always been a morning showerer, but perhaps I need to change that. I figure, that way, Jack will be asleep and the baby will either be sleeping or spending time with Ryan.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?



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6 responses to “About Juggling Two

  1. I’ve always brought my kids in the bathroom with me. When it was just Kate, I would bring a few books or toys in for her, and she would play. She never got into anything, but there also wasn’t much there for her to get into. Now James comes in too, and I have to move a bunch of stuff up so he can’t get it. (Toilet paper, trash, toilet bowl brush…) But he plays happily with a few toys or tries to look in and see me.
    When he was a baby, I would shower when he was sleeping, and bring Kate in the bathroom with me. Or bring his bouncer in the bathroom too. Kate was old enough not to poke him or hurt him and could put his pacifier back in if he needed it.
    I usually sing to them while I am in the shower. It’s not very relaxing, but I would rather get one in quickly than not at all!
    I am sure you’ll come up with a solution that fits your family.

  2. Hi,

    I have three kids ages 3, almost 2 and a newborn. Showering was an issue I had after my second was born (not so much with this new one… not sure why, maybe because there is a bit more space between #’s 2 and 3.

    Anyway, I had the same problem, I didn’t trust my daughter to be left alone while I showered. However, I knew her bedroom was safe for her, so I often set up a baby gate in her door. She didn’t usually mind it and it kept her safe while I showered. She had toys to play with and books to look at. I kept the baby in a bouncy seat in the bathroom with me.

    Not sure if that helps, it worked for me b/c of the layout of our house (the bathroom was right across from her bedroom).


  3. So I’ve actually thought about this too! Funny. And I think I’ll do what you mentioned. Only take a shower when Gabriel is down and put the baby in bathroom with me if he/she is awake. Gabriel used to sit in a bouncy seat while I took a shower so I assume I can do the same with this one. That could be a dangerous assumption 🙂 I like to shower in the morning but I’ll just have to do it in the afternoon because that’s when Gabriel’s naps are too. Another thing I’ve thought about is taking a shower at night and washing my hair in the sink in the morning while G is running around. If I’m in the kitchen I can keep a pretty good eye on him. Not very original but those are my solutions so far 🙂

  4. I am a night showerer because it is easier to do this after the kids are in bed or my husband is available to be on hand. However, there are mornings when I just have to have a shower and the kids are up and about. I’ve come up with solutions that work for me but older kids are there to make sure the 2-year-old doesn’t get into mischief.

    Could you put Jack in the bathroom with you? Could you put him in the Pack and Play while you shower and put the baby on a blanket on the floor? Could you train Jack to sit in one spot during shower time? Could you…

    Praying God gives you wisdom! 🙂

  5. So far, these are my options –

    Gate Gideon in his room, and lay Silas in the basinet in my room while I shower. (or I’ll bring Silas in the shower with me, if he needs it)

    Lay Silas in the basinet in my room, bring Gideon into the shower with me, he plays with his toys while I wash up.

    The shower wakes Gideon up from his nap most of the time, so I wait ‘til I hear a peep from him, then I run up and take a really quick shower (Silas in the basinet again.)

    Last but not least –

    Wait 3 days without showering, ‘til I burst into tears as Mark enters the door and I plead “Can I please leave the boys with you so I can shower!!!???!!!!!” It’s only happened twice since Silas was born… but I think I’ve only shaved twice since he’s been born too… : )

    Lol, you’ll figure it out, don’t worry! And remember, even though structure is valuable, for a mommy, flexibility is indispensable.

  6. My oldest (3) is old enough to self entertain for 5 minutes while I shower. My youngest (now 11 mos) joins me in the bathroom where she sits in a bouncy seat or basket while I shower.

    I found that babywearing made handling two possible. I love the Catbird Baby mei tai and Ergo.

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