Oh, Vinegar!

I just wanted to share something that has gotten me very excited:

Using vinegar as a cleaner!

I’ve heard of it before, but it wasn’t until I read Jane’s post that I realized how much I could do with a little vinegar, a little water, and a spray bottle.

She lists out many of the different things you can clean with either a mix of vinegar and water, or full-strength vinegar, and I’ve tried lots of them today. I’ve been so satisfied with the results that I just couldn’t bear to keep it to myself.

I bought a couple of heavy-duty spray bottles and filled one with equal parts vinegar and water, and another with just vinegar (and very clearly labeled them!). Then, I started with my kitchen. I sprayed full-strength vinegar on my filthy gas range and let it sit for a few minutes. Meanwhile, I cleaned all my countertops, my table, my windowsills, my windows, Jack’s highchair, my microwave, and my fireplace mantel with vinegar/water. I went back to my range and scrubbed it with a sponge, then took the vinegar/water bottle, sprayed it again, and wiped everything off. I even got some black and gray marks off my walls with it.

The results are amazing. My house doesn’t smell like vinegar (I kept my windows open while I cleaned just in case, because, you know, it’s 85 degrees here today) and neither do my hands. My windows aren’t as clear as they’d be with Windex or some other kind of glass cleaner, but honestly, Jack smudges them so much anyway, I’m not a huge stickler for crystal clear windows. I am in love with vinegar.

I feel very blessed to have learned about this, especially considering where we are financially. The Lord will definitely provide what we need, but as I’ve committed to truly budgeting our money, I’ve realized that I must spend the least amount possible on cleaning supplies (and most household supplies, for that matter). I didn’t want to go with some cheap, toxic brand, and yet I knew I couldn’t afford the truly natural, healthy cleaners, either. Now, I’ve found a way to clean that’s both non-toxic and very, very inexpensive!

I wanted to be sure to share this (and Jane’s very informative post) with you all, especially if you find yourself in the same (or similar) financial situation as us.

And because I’m in such a happy mood about all of this, here’s a happy photo from our time at the park today 🙂


It was pretty bright out, so he had a hard time looking straight at me, but he loved the swing! What a great day!



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5 responses to “Oh, Vinegar!

  1. Lauren

    I love using vinegar! I started using it when I got pregnant with Oliver and have been using it since. It also works really well as a fabric softener for towels/sheets.

  2. Vinegar is great! Another inexpensive cleaner is baking soda. I love using the two together… although it causes an explosion sometimes 🙂 But the baking soda is good for scrubbing!!

  3. Thanks for your comment! I think I am going to start doing the vinegar thing too. We are saving up for a home birth because our insurance won’t cover it 😦 It will be so worth it though. I found out about the baby just before I was 5 weeks. I have such a predictable cycle that I knew something was up right away and did a test pretty early. Actually, I almost emailed you then because it was your post about trusting God with our fertility that started us thinking about letting this happen. So your blog makes a big difference! And I’m feeling great and haven’t been sick at all. Last time I was sick and this time I didn’t know what I would do if I felt that bad again, because last time I had anti-nausea drugs I wouldn’t dare take anymore and I didn’t have a child to take care of either. How is your pregnancy going?

  4. rootsnwings

    Oh yes! Vinegar is awesome. If you go to tipnut dot com and look for alternatives to shampoo and conditioner you will find how to use baking soda and vinegar to replace these. I’ve been using a natural soap bar and vinegar as a rinse for a while now and LOVE it.
    Also, I use vinegar in a downy ball as a fabric softener replacement. Works great. If you don’t make your own detergent already search for that at Tipnut as well. You’ll save TONS and it works great – especially on cloth diapers!
    Just thought this might help out that budgeting even more. 🙂

  5. Gina Murphy

    I LOVE vinegar too! I found out this idea right before Paige was born and have been using it and baking soda for all my cleaning. Another great tip – vinegar in the rinse cycle takes any odors off of your clothes and softens them, and in the dishwasher makes your glass cleaner. Also, for wood, I use two parts lemon juice and one part olive or canola oil and a little bit on a rag is amazing, non-toxic, lasts long and is totally inexpensive. Hope that helps you too. It sure has helped me – my house is clean, fresh, and my wallet is not as thin 🙂

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