It’s Been Some Time

*EDITED 1/16* My great grandmother was found after missing for a day and a half – she ended up on a man’s front porch in a town about 45 minutes from here. He asked her what she was doing and she looked through her purse and found my grandfather’s (her son’s) cell phone number. The man contacted my grandfather, and they went straight to pick her up. She was taken to the hospital to get checked over, and she seems okay, but she was severely dehydrated and slightly confused. Thank you to anyone who prayed!! 


I’m not sure if I’ve ever disappeared from my blog for such a long time – until now. I truly hope I didn’t cause any undue concern. Life happened, and somehow, I found the days slipping by without a thought given to my blogging.

Though I have been unexplainably busy (or perhaps I’ve just felt that way), I’m happy to report that “things” are going very well.

In mid-December, we found out the gender of our baby! We planned to leave it a surprise, but at the last minute, Ryan decided he’d rather know ahead of time. I was content to leave it a surprise, but I saw that his desire to know outweighed my casual desire for a surprise. Now, of course, I am glad I know. 🙂

Oh, you want to know, too? Very well, then!!

Baby number 2 is a BOY! We’re very, very excited. He was so fun to peek at on the ultrasound…he just kept wiggling away, opening and closing his mouth, and waving his hands all over the place. He’s definitely an active one!

Part of my blog’s inactivity is due to the fact that we were in NY visiting with family and friends for two weeks. It was really wonderful to visit, and we definitely got our share of snow. I suppose that’s why I’m not up in arms about the mid-80-degree weather back here in California! Actually, it’s been quite nice to wear skirts and tank tops. No doubt things will get chilly again soon!

I’d like to ask that my readers would kindly pray for an issue that has just arisen: my great grandmother, a very vivacious woman with a lot of love and happiness to share, has gone missing as of yesterday. No one has seen her since she left her bible study around lunchtime, though she was expected at several other engagements throughout the day. Now, at 10:30 the next morning, our concern has heightened and we are very worried about her. Please pray that she is safe, and yet, if something has happened to her, that the Lord would lead us to her location. It’s been a pretty stressful morning.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

But as for me, I will always have hope;
I will praise you more and more.
My mouth will tell of your righteousness,
of your salvation all day long,
though I know not its measure.
Psalm 71:14-15


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  1. Congratulations! I don’t know how people go a whole pregnancy not knowing what they’re having. It would drive me nuts. Are you having a home birth or going to a birth center this time?

    I hope your great-grandmother is okay–I will pray for her.

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