Baby Needs

Over the past month, I’ve been considering what our new little boy will need after he makes his entrance into this world. We have a small registry on Wishpot, but I wanted to be honest with myself: we’ve already got so many boy clothes and of course, plenty of toys. It’s taken a while to shave off all the extras, but I think I’ve got it down.

Our biggest needs lie in more cloth diapers and another carseat. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not as difficult to choose a safe, standard carseat (although it may be more important!) as it is to choose what kind of cloth diapers we’ll use. I mean, have you seen the selection??

For a while, I assumed we’d go ahead and continue using Little Beetle diapers with the merino wool covers, like we do with Jack. Then, I was introduced to the world of all-in-one one-size BumGenius diapers. I thought, “Why struggle with different sizes and covers when I could have them all in one, compact diaper?” Though I’ve never used BumGeniuses, they’re known for being the most similar to disposables, yet without the waste and lost money. I began to research and found myself overloaded with information – Fuzzibunz, BumGenius, Kissaluvs, Imse Vimse, Thirsties, Baby Beehinds…the list goes on and on.

A recent discovery and a recent realization have both helped to shape the path of our future newborn cloth diapering, though.

I discovered, most importantly, that I do not like polyester (“wipe clean”) diaper covers (in my case, Bummis Super Brite and Super Whisper covers). They are meant to be convenient because one, they can be washed with your diapers or clothing, and two, they need only be washed when soiled, or once a week or so. Simply hang them to dry after changing a wet diaper and they can be used several more times. Right? Well, not for me. They smell. No, they don’t just smell – they stink. Even if Jack soiled the diaper but didn’t soil the cover, the cover smells like it was soiled. Yuck. This has never happened with my wool covers. I love my wool covers.

Secondly, my realization was that, hey, what are my very favorite diapers to use? I told you we use Little Beetles, but I didn’t mention that we have a few flats. And folks, let me tell you, I’d take a flat any day. Hands down. I love the versatility and the simplicity, all wrapped in one. I’ve never used prefolds, but I imagine they are very similar. They fit a wide range of sizes, wash easily and dry quickly, and have many other uses when they’re ready to retire from their diapering days.

So there you have it. Our decision? Unbleached prefolds (and probably flats, too) and wool covers. Wool covers do require a bit of extra care (they need to be re-lanolized every couple of weeks) but their durability and dependability are just too great. They also cost a bit more than a polyester cover would (and rightly so), but again, where our family is concerned, there is no comparison.

Of course, this is not to say that other diapers/covers don’t work well. We’ve never had a true leak in our Little Beetles. They’ve been amazing, soft, well-made diapers. The truth, though, is that they’re very expensive, and my flats work just as well (and flats are only a fraction of the price). If we had the money (and the dryer time), I might consider something a little more refined. At this point, however, it seems to me that prefolds will do the trick.

Tell me about your cloth diapering journey! Or, if you’ve never cloth diapered but are interested, feel free to ask questions! It’s one of my favorite subjects. 🙂



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3 responses to “Baby Needs

  1. I love our BumGenius diapers. They are pretty, soft, and for girls they look so nice under a dress or skirt. There’s no need for bloomers (or “diaper covers”), which you pretty much have to have with papery disposables. We also use Bumkins, and the size mediums have fit Suzi for a long, long time. I like them because you don’t have to put the inserts in and they are so tough you don’t have to worry about your de-stinking efforts hurting them 🙂

    I’ve never CD’ed a newborn though, and I think next time we will buy some Seventh Generation disposables to get us through the first few weeks until we can use the BumGenius ones. I’ve heard Kissaluvs are good for newborns but I’m not really into buying enough of those to keep a newborn in diapers for a day. Newborns just use so many compared to an older baby!

  2. I just wrote about my cloth journey!

  3. I just wrote about my cloth journey! I really love my flats. I was behind on laundry this week and figured out how to use them on my 11 mos old. I’ve been stumped for awhile.

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